IBPS PO V Interview Experience – Suchandan – Kolkata


Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS PO V shared by Suchandan from Kolkata.

place-ubi strand road 

documents verification were done in a couple of minutes. 
entered the interview room at 9.35 am
4 male n 1 female in the panel.
may i come in please? 
-no you can’t !!  just kidding.. yes come in please.. 
good morning ma’am.. sir.. 
-have a seat. 
thank you. 
-what’s your name? 
Suchandan Bhar. 
-where do you live? 
-introduce yourself. 
told my biodata in brief. 
-tell us about  your hobby. 
told. dont copy someone’s hobby instead try to make your own.(i told this strategy in the previous interviews also) as hobby section is a vital factor if u have the grip on it. 
-u have done botany honours n got ast class why didnt u go to higher studies? 
sir my family condition is really poor. so i had no other option. (don’t tell them lies by telling there’s plenty of growth opportunities in bank. they do know the job crisis today n that’s why everyone is applying for bank jobs. ) 
-okay let us ask about your subject(rapid fire : almost 10 questions ) 
i didn’t know 1 of them. (green gold ) 
-so what r doing these days after completing grad in 2014? 
i got idbi executive working there. i got rrb os1 n yet to receive the offer letter. 
-why did you come here then? there are many who still dont have a single job !! 
sir this is a tough question really. but everyone wants to be a po. 
and if i get the opportunity i shoud avail it(there’s no where written u cant give interview if u already got selected in anywhere else. ) 
-what is nabard? 
-what is RRBs? 
-what is BMI? 
i dont know sir. (it’s Body Mass Index,, what the helllllll fcuuuukk where did this question originated from?) 
some questions about books n authors. (apj Abdul Kalam, taslima nasrin) 
ok Suchandan thank you and all the best. 
have a nice day everyone. thank you. 

n. b :- i always tell EPians after every interview i face that dont tell lies. tell truth. because they already know the truth. they just want to hear that from you. you dont have to wear a tie or a blazer to impress them. impress them by your intellectual power. for that read only basic banking and materials provided by EP. go through Start up India once. read from Wikipedia also as it provides details in a nutshell. 

and above all keep faith. because u r halfway there(line is copied from somewhere);; i got rrb os1 by just scoring 1 marks above(110.25) the cut off level still i got selected in rrbs because of my interview marks(73).so if ur attempt is on d lower side dont get upset. give d interview a go. n grapes will definitely be sweet for you for sure. 

Thanks Anubhav Da for your “selfless” (no other religious books in d world other than GITA have this word mentioned in them) effort for us to getting a secure job.

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Team ExamPundit


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