IBPS PO V Interview Experience – Venky – Guntur

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience shared by Venky from Guntur.

Name : Venky
Post : IBPS PO
Venue: Andhra bank zonal
       Office, Guntur
State: AP
Panel: 1 and 1PM 22/01/16
Members: 4 1 Lady 3 Gents

I reached venue at 12:40 and after document verification my interview 
came at after 6:00PM, I am the second last person,..total 23 members

After entering the interview room, Panel members questions are like this..

1) About personnel details, and about family members their work
2) Do you have bank account? which bank?
3) Tell me about your home town significance?
4) One temple is near to your home town what is the name of it?
5) What is Nationalization? How many nationalized banks are there?
6) what is crop loan?
7) what is crop policy?
8) Tell me famous rivers in south India?
9) Which two rivers are linked recently?
10)Recently Govt introduced insurance scheme for crop what is it?(PMFY)
11)Tell me about it?
12)What is the difference between crop policy and PMFY?(I told under PMFY
   insurance will get crop and also whole family and also who are cultivating
   crop…but they asked difference in amount of insurance..I said don’t know
13)What are the problems India facing now?(asked by Mam,..only 1 ques)
   (I said Corruption, not giving support to Scientist, if one has Not faith in 
   him self also one major problem) 
I told the answers for all the questions except 12th ques, but my presentation
level was not good.I was some tensed while telling the answers,I’m not satisfied 
my self..but at last they were said
14)Thank you Mr. Good answers,Keep It Up. Mam and sir said like this
My interview was both English and Telugu.
Thank you,..All the best 

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