IBPS PO V Interview Experience – Kaptaan – Lucknow

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS PO V shared by Kaptaan from Lucknow.


Qualification- B.Tech (ELECTRICAL  Engg.) 

Place- The Grand JBR, Lucknow

Date- 20/Jan/2016

Time- 1:00 P.M.

Panel- 5

Entry time- 12:30 P.M.

Document Verification & Biometrics- 1:35 P.M

Things are not as they look like. At the document verification banking staff are very much cooperative and also 

briefed about the whole interview process. But the biometric guy seems to behave like a hitler over there. Everything 

went nicely. Now the wait start for the final call. Now when room start emptying I am looking at call guy and asked 

him when would my number will come , he asked me to wait . Now at 5:00pm in the evening he took me to main room 

.I was the second last person to get interviewed in that panel     

It was my THIRD banking interview.

Entered in interview room @5:10pm

Panel- 5M + 1F 

F1 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5

When I entered into the room all of them said welcome Mr KAPTAAN SINGH please have a seat and one of 

them stand up for the hand shake. I get confused as whether first I  took the seat or go for hand shake as 

both things happened simultaneously. 

Then I greated all of them GOOD EVENING

F1: So Mr Kaptaan Singh how was the day?

 Me : It was good mam.

M4: tell us something about your self in detail.

Me: I started  with my name , qualification, family details, my core area achievements, my hobbies and a bit 

about Lucknow as well

F1: Kaptaan you had a wonderful name might your father would have given it.

Me: thank you mam……but the name was given to me by my grandfather

F1: ohh That’s good 

M2: why you not joined the army?

Me: explained my medical reason.

M2 said with mixed reaction smile so if those guys haven’t take you and you now want to join us…..thats 


M3: (CHAIRMAN): WHY we take you into bank?

Me: I explained with valid reason for half a minute.

But at the end he said  AUR BATAO….

Me : I again repeated the same thing with a bit of extra information. But he not look satisfied and said ok.

M4: so Kaptaan as for last some days we people and of course you also be listen to our political leaders are 

talking about  “INCLUSIVE GROWTH “  what is mean by “inclusive growth”  and what are its effect if it get 

implemented and also tell us what ar its consequences if it not get implemented ?

Me :  I compiled my point in mind for few seconds and spoke for one and half minute in English with full 

conviction but when I ended he said AUR BATAO………. I said sorry  sir I had only that much information.

M5: so Kaptaan singh I think you studied banking also so please tell us what is difference between 

scheduled commercial  bank and non scheduled commercial bank ?

Me : get puzzled a bit and said sir pada hai aur janta bhi hu par words mein compile nahi kar pa raha hu 

M5: don’t worry explain it in any language know to you we are ready to listen   

Me :  I explained everything about the questions but he seems not satisfied

M4: now tell us among RBI  NABARD SIDBI IDBI which bank is nationalized and which is not nationalized 

Me: I explained that Rbi is nationalized central bank and rest all are created under various laws  .  I also tell 

them the shares of nabard and rbi…………but he said please explain it correctly 

Me : tried to compose facts and again explained but he said aur batao…..

Now they look at each other and said something that is not audible to me

M4 said to F1 mam do want to ask something ….she replied no

M4: now you can go Mr Kaptaan SINGH it was nice talking to you

I wished them and came out with firm small paces….

Overall it was good experience with such great people. They all nice cooperative people. Interview lasted for 

10 – 12 minutes . The only thing that disturbed me was the AUR BATAO part….

Now I did my share of work rest lies with them 


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Team ExamPundit


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