IBPS SO Marketing Officer Professional Knowledge – Mixed – 3

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  1. What is price skimming?

(a) Setting an initially – high price which falls as competitors enter the market.

(b) Setting a high price which consumers perceive as indicating high quality.

(c) Setting a low price to “Skim off” a large number of consumers.

(d) None of the above


Option: A


  1. Setting a price below that of the competition is called:

(a) Skimming

(b) competitive pricing

(c) Penetration pricing

(d) Guerilla pricing


Option: C


  1. An increasingly large number of firms are changing their organizational focus from ________________ to  ________________.

(a) Product management; functional management.

(b) Brand management; Customer relationship management.

(c) Global management; Regional management.

(d) Product management; Territory management.


Option: B


  1. Some companies are now switching from being solely product‐ centered to being more ________________  centered.

(a) Competency

(b) Marketing

(c) Sales

(d) Customer segment.


Option: D



  1. “The concept of marketing mix was developed by ________________.

(a) N.H.Borden

(b) Philip Katter

(c) W.Anderson

(d) Stanton.


Option: A



  1. Modern marketing begins and ends with the ________________.

(a) Sales

(b) Products

(c) Customers

(d) Price.


Option: C



  1. In selling concept, maximization of profit of the firm is done through ________________.

(a) Sales volume

(b) Increasing production

(c) quality

(d) Services.


Option: A



  1. ________________ segmentation classifies consumers on the basis of age, gender, income and occupation.

(a) Geographic

(b) Behavioral

(c) Psychological

(d) Demographic.


Option: D



  1. ________________ environment consists of the factors like inflation rate, interest rate, and unemployment.

(a) Geographic

(b) Economic

(c) Demographic.

(d) Technological.


Option: B



  1. Marketing is a ________________ function of transferring goods from producers to consumers.

(a) Systematic

(b) Commercial

(c) Management

(d) Economic.


Option: B


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