Hurun Global Rich List 2018 – India ranked 3rd Globally


Hurun Report today released the Hurun Global Rich List 2018, a ranking of the US-Dollar-billionaires in the world. Wealth calculations are a snapshot of 31 January 2018.

The Hurun Global Rich List 2018 ranked 2,694 billionaires from 68 countries and from 2,157 companies in another record-breaking year for the world’s billionaires.

Key findings

  1. 2,694 billionaires in world, up 437 from last year. Rupert hoogewerf, hurun report chairman & chief researcher, says, “a boom in china, a weak dollar coupled with us tax cuts has driven billionaires to break new records.”
  2. Going up: 1,508 listers saw their wealth increase+ 567 new faces. Going down: 363 saw wealth decrease
  3. India reclaims third spot, which it had lost to germany last year, with 31 new billionaires
  4. Bill gates loses top spot to jeff bezos,despite adding us$10bn to his wealth and after giving away us$5bn.
  5. Technology key source of wealth. Real estate overtakes manufacturing for second place, followed by investments in fourth place.
  6. Manufacturing and food & beverage are the fastest growing sectorsfor billionaires this year
  7. Women make up 15% of the list, same as last year. 184 self-made female billionaires, up from 152 last year. China led the way with a staggering 78%.The richest woman is alice walton, 68, of walmartwith us$48bn, after liliane bettencourt passed away aged 94. Richest self-made woman in the world iszhou qunfei of lens with us$10bn. Hoogewerf said, “chinese women completely dominate when it comes to the world’s most successful women in business.”
  8. 19 new entrants to top 100led by chinese real estate developer yang huiyan, 37, of country garden, which is expected to generate revenues of a staggering us$150bn, more than tripling her wealth.
  9. 69% totally self-made, 22% partly self-made and 9% inherited. Chinese lead the world for self-made billionaires. For the first time since records began, the top 10 are all self-made.


Top 10 Richest

  1. Jeff Bezos
  2. Warren Buffett
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
  5. Bernard Arnault
  6. Amancio Ortega
  7. Carlos Slim Helu & family
  8. Larry Ellison
  9. Larry Page
  10. Michael Bloomberg


About India

India climbs to 3rd position with 131 billionaires. This list would be 170, if we were to consider Indian origin billionaires. Pharmaceuticals led with 19 billionaires, followed by Automobile & Components with 14 and Consumer products with 11. Combined wealth of the Indian Billionaires increased by 49% to US$454bn. Average age is 64. Mumbai is the preferred hub for most Indian billionaires followed by New Delhi. 31 billionaires migrated from India, with UAE, UK and USA as preferred destinations.

India’s Top 3 in Global Top 100
19 – Mukesh Ambani
87 – Dilip Shanghvi
98 – Gautam Adani
98 – Shiv Nadar



Top 5 Countries

  1. Greater China
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. UK
  5. Germany


Top 10 Cities

  1. Beijing
  2. New York
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Shenzhen
  5. Shanghai
  6. London
  7. Moscow
  8. Mumbai
  9. Bangkok
  10. Guangzhou


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