How to score 70+ in SBI PO Prelims

The State Bank of India Probationary Officer’s position is the most prestigious and sought-after positions. Recently State Bank has released SBI PO notification .Preliminary Exams will be held on 1st, 7th & 8th of July 2018.Now, it is time to learn how to score 70+ in SBI PO Prelims. This article will provide the strategy on how to score 70+. In order to score the same, take a look at the exam pattern first.

SBI PO Prelim Exam Pattern:

Below is the pattern and there is a negative marking of 1/3rd mark for every wrong answer.

S.No. Name of Tests(Objective) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2 Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
3 Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 1 Hour

How to score 70+:

  • You must cover the entire syllabus of SBI PO and make sure you are excelling in at least one section. This will help you finish the section quickly and accurately. This will in turn enable you with more time to answer the section that may consume more time.
  • Study according to your day-wise schedule and try to cover important and frequently asked topics and concepts.
  • At the time of preparation, give importance to all the sections. Even if you are allocating less time for any section, ensure that the per cent age of syllabus is covered is more or less the same.
  • It is important to attempt mock tests for SBI PO. Take them as real ones. This will ease you out with the live exam pattern. It will also help to bifurcate topics based on your strengths and focus areas.
  • Prepare short notes, flash cards that you can just give a glance during preparation or even just before minutes of the exam.
  • The best part of this exam is there is no rule such as to attempt the paper in a particular pattern. Go through the question paper quickly and answer those questions which may seem easier to you.
  • Considering the time and the number of questions, the time ratio is less than 1. Therefore, no wastage of time. I heard a lot of them actually say that the time was not sufficient. Such a scenario must not arise if your preparation is incorporated with proper time management. Remember that accuracy and speed are important. Each of you may have a one section which can be your favorite and you may take less time to finish questions in that particular section.
  • Look at the question itself, you can understand if the question falls in easy, moderate or difficult categories. Here comes your swiftness. Your reading and comprehending capacity plays a very important role to finish the paper in time with high rate of the accuracy. Do not attempt questions that are tricky as each incorrect answer carries a penalty of 0.25 marks (1/3rd mark).
  • It is a better approach to finish each section with respect to sectional time limit and sectional cut-offs which means attempt sufficient number of questions to qualify the sectional cut-off of each section.
  • Avoid guesswork if you are falling short of time, it will be a bad idea.
  • For Quantitative section, you must make use of your tricks and short-cuts to solve a problem.
  • Try to attempt questions on questions based on cloze test, fill in the blanks, error correction and vocabulary questions first as it consumes less time.
  • If reading comprehension passage seems tricky, move on to the next one, don’t just hang on and read it another time. Instead read another one and attempt. This will also avoid any negative marks.
  • The questions you may leave in between can be answered after finishing the entire paper. Focus on where you can achieve marks than losing by answering incorrectly.
  • Lastly, avoid to answer the paper in a rush if you are left with more questions, accuracy is important and that can fetch you a score of 70+ because each wrong answer will deduct 0.25 marks additionally.

These tips will help you fetch the score you desire to achieve. Prepare thoroughly and avoid confusions, clarify anything that you are in doubt during your preparation. Follow the schedule religiously and do not waste time by involving among wrong company of friends.