How to Prepare & Perform with the Changing Pattern in Exam

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Since SBI PO Mains 2016, the
examination pattern is changing like a politician changes his party. Sometimes
too hard and sometimes too unpredictable. This has caused panic and confusion
among many aspirants.


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So, today we are sharing some
tips to perform better with this changing & new pattern examination.
The actual syllabus for any kind
of competitive exam is vast. A single exam cannot have each and every type of
questions. So the pattern can have anything and it can change anytime.
It should be your primary goal to
keep yourself calm during any situation in the examination. A sudden change in
the exam pattern should not dismantle your confidence.
The exam will never have a
totally new pattern. Like what we are trying to say is that the exam will not
have 100 unknown questions. 40% or maximum 60% questions may be uncommon to you
guys. So, during these situation, one must first attempt the questions which
are familiar to her/him.
Start preparing everything. From
the old ones which seems like “obsolete” these days to the latest ones and
things which are yet to appear.
You never know which examination
will have input output and which exam will have para completion. Nobody thought
SBI PO Prelims English will have a new pattern cloze test along with the phrase
correction. On the other hand, there were plenty of puzzles.
So always expect the unexpected.
It does not matter how many questions
you have attempted. What really matters is that how many questions you
attempted are correct.
Read as many strategies as
possible. Learn from every strategy and always go with the one you are most
comfortable with.
We have already suggested books for upcoming Bank PO exams in 2017 which are CAT Level.
Give plenty of mock tests.
Nowadays, nobody sticks to one package or one mock test site, so give plenty of
mocks and get used to all the patterns and difficulty level.

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Your main goal is to perform.
There can be plenty of obstructions but you have to stay focussed and do
whatever you CAN do.
So, in any exam, you should
always be Prepared, then you should never Panic and Perform whatever you can.
Don’t stress yourself.
Prepare. Perform. Achieve.
All the best.


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Team ExamPundit

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