How to Prepare for NICL AO Exam 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Most of the candidates are unaware of the Format of NICL AO Exam 2015. A lot of group members have requested to give a suitable Study Plan of NICL AO Exam 2015. So lets get started.

So today we will discuss about four Topics:

1. What to Study?  
2. What is A Good Attempt in NICL AO 2015?  
3. Books
4. Study Materials

As per the notification there are 192 Vacancies in Generalist Examination of National Insurance Co. Ltd AO Exam 2015.

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Reasoning: For reasoning you must study tricky problems. This is a AO Profile not an Assistant so the level will be higher. We will discuss on the level later. Now you should pay heed to Seating Arrangement Problems as these questions might be very tricky. Also do study Input-Output problems as it will be there in the paper. Also don’t forget to study puzzle test and Syllogisms. As per the recent trend analysis by our respected exampundit team members Syllogisms are expected to be on the tougher side in NICL AO exam.

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Quantitative Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude in Insurance Exams have been tougher than the Banking Exams. So basically practice is the key and Most Important TIME-MANAGEMENT in MATHS is the Mother of All Solutions. Now, you gotta focus on Simplifications and Permutations and Combinations. The Data Interpretation Problems are expected to be calculative but not tough. No need to go more in-depth and beyond. If you study these mentioned topics very seriously then you are good to go.

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English Language: The English portion of this examination is expected to be Easy-Moderate level. However, by easy-moderate we mean that people who has the basic grip in Grammar will find it easy-moderate. Just moderate level of Sentence Re-arrangements, Corrections, Cloze Tests and Fill in the blanks will make your road to success smooth.

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General Awareness: Now comes the part which is like our Viru Paaji(Virendra Sehwag). If you get going in this section you easily score a huge marks in exam but if you start tumbling then it is pretty much over.

Now as per our exam reviews the General Awareness had 60-40 Bad-Good responses so prepare for the worst as our team expects pretty much tough questions.

Now there will be questions from Important Days, Countries and Capitals, National Parks, Dams, Ranges, Rivers, Economical News, News Related to RBI, Insurance News and Insurance Awareness. You should read our Daily Current Affairs as we provide PDFs regularly.

Also we recently gave an article about What to study exactly to score maximum in General Awareness. Click Here for the Article.

Descriptive Paper: The paper is expected to be moderately tougher than other as this will test your Writing skill to certain extent. There will be passages or essays basically for recent events or major topics or insurance sector. A pdf will be provided.

How to Ace an Online Descriptive Paper?

We already gave a UIIC Descriptive Guide.

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Remember, Your Descriptive will be checked only if you Qualify in the Objective Test.

We, team ExamPundit, always say that you should never depend on Cut-Off. But you should target a safe score for the betterment of yourself,

  • English – 25/40
  • Reasoning – 22/40
  • Quantitative Aptitude – 20/40
  • General Awareness – 25/40
  • Total – 92/160

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