How To Prepare for IBPS PO Prelims 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditMost of the members have asked for the IBPS PO Prelims
Strategy and here we are rolling out the IBPS PO Prelims 2015 Strategy and How
to Prepare for it.

So, Lets Get Started!
We are starting with the Most (In)Famous Test among the
candidates. Since the start of 2015, Quantitative Aptitude have always been
raising eyebrows! So, there are two things you need to focus on Quantitative
Aptitude. One is Time Management and the other is Calculations. These two
factors will decide quite a lot of things.
For calculations, a lot of Simplifications will help you to
gain the speed. Not every time you need to do Calculative Problems while
practicing. However, you need to focus on what is your speed and how are you
maintaining it.
Profit & Loss, Average, Percentage can be very
calculative. For this, you need to focus on the perfect way you can solve. If
you are not able to understand any short cut way or you don’t have any, just
make one. 22+10 is equals to 32, some will do it with 20+10+2 and some will do
it 22+10 directly. So the point is that you need find ways which makes your
brain calm! You need to focus on YOUR Methods and then increase their speed.
For those who are fan of Formulas and Short Cuts given by
the experts, they need to focus on speed and application.
Daily 2 hours of Quantitative Aptitude if you are Quite Good
at it or else you need to give 3 hours on a regular basis for these days to ace
it. In case you spend too much time, there is a possibility you can be tired
for other tests. So, make it simple and when you practice just take it in a
sporty way.
For Number Series the students with good Logical Reasoning
skills, will find it easy. You need to implement logic in the series real fast.
The English subject has caused a lot of damage silently
among many aspirants. It is because a lot of candidates tend to avoid it.
Bitter truth. Reading Faster is the key to score maximum in Comprehension. So
make sure you read Online News Papers on a regular basis. Note down the words
which are not so familiar. It will help you to increase your vocabulary.
Coming to the grammar part, you cannot ace it easily. However,
you need to learn the basics for Prelims. So, learn the basics of English
Grammar and try to translate lines from your local language newspapers to
English. It will help you to judge your grammar skills and boost up your
We have already described how to solve Sentence
Rearrangements faster in Banking Exams. So do check it from the below link:
Reasoning is not a huge problem for many. So just practice
Logical Reasoning based on Syllogisms, Directions, Seating Arrangements, and
Inequalities a lot. In logical reasoning, similar to Quantitative Aptitude, you
need to focus on Time Management. Logical Reasoning is a test which can be very
easy for the aspirants if they ace it in time. So what you need to do, you need
to focus on Speed and try to maintain it. Achieve a moderate speed which can be
maintained. No need to be Albert Einstein and lose all your preparation and end
up attempting below average.
Reasoning needs practice and precision. So focus on that and
you can surely and will ace it!
Time For Practice:
For Good in
Quantitative Aptitude Candidates:
Test Name
Quantitative Aptitude
2 Hours
1 to 1.5
2 Hours and Anytime Reading.
For Not-So-Good in
Quantitative Aptitude Candidates:

Test Name
Quantitative Aptitude
3 Hours
1-1.5 Hours
2 Hours and Anytime Reading.
These allotted times per day need total Dedication. So It might
seem less to many candidates but try ONE DAY with full dedication and total
concentration and you will find them quite a lot of time.
Start off your FAVORITE TIME TO
STUDY(Morning/Day/Evening/Night Depends) with the subject you love. Then go for
the subject you don’t like. You will be learning faster than Barry Allen.
A time-management Strategy for IBPS PO PRELIMS will be given
soon after the Admit Cards are issued.
All the best. May the Force be with You.


Team ExamPundit


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