How to Improve Accuracy & Score More in Bank Exams 2017


Hello and welcome to exampundit.  While preparing for any banking exam like
IBPS Exam, SBI Exam or Insurance exams, we always struggle between speed and
accuracy. What matters the most between the two puts a lot many aspirants in
dilemma. Since the competition is increasing with each passing exam, it becomes
really difficult to manage cut offs. But does the increasing competition
indicate we are not capable enough to ace these exams? No, it does not!

successful candidates among these exams are not the ones who attempt maximum
questions speedily but the ones’ who attempt maximum accurately.
Let’s quote an example to logically support the same. Aspirant A attempts 100 questions with 70%
accuracy and Aspirant B attempts
only 80 with 90% accuracy. Clearly Aspirant A will be scoring just 62.5 while Aspirant B will score 70, 7 marks more than Aspirant A attempting 20questions less. This is how accuracy plays an
important role making it to the final merit of any exam.

-High speed with least accuracy is more perilous though speed along
with Accuracy is an added benefit.
Benefits hence can be enumerated as –

1) first and the most obvious is scoring more.
2) Increased possibility of getting a mark or two extra overall owing to
relative score and the difficulty level of the exam. And being serious
aspirants, we do know how important ‘a
means as in competitive exams.
3) If we are clear with how accuracy can help in improving our performance we
will reduce the possibility of guess work we sometimes do in the exam.

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Now since we know accuracy is important. It
is also important to learn how to improve it. Since there’s nothing that cannot
be practiced accuracy is no exception.

Proper selection of questions
is what plays a key role. This in turn depends on how much we have practiced or
more accurately how many different types of questions we have come across. How
much practice has been done before writing any exam can help to figure out
which question to answer and which not to in any exam, since the strong and
weak areas differ from an aspirant to aspirant.

are helpful. Along with this mock tests
also aid in this. Attempt as many as possible and analyse properly each and
every question. This way you will get an idea which question you can attempt
with ease and which not in a time bound real exam.
Other informal tips to maintain accuracy in
an exam-
1) After you are done with practice,
practice and a lot of practice, remember
to sleep properly the day before you are to write an exam
. Proper sleep is
necessary enough to maintain your calm and concentration during the exam hours.

2) Your belief in yourself is more important than anything else. Putting forth hard work is necessary but if
accompanied by self-doubt, the performance is unlikely to improve

The article is penned by our mentor, Ruchi(Sabhiya).


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Team ExamPundit

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