How To Ace Online Descriptive Exam – Banking/Insurance

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. So a lot of people have mailed/messaged us and commented in the group to share some tips regarding Online Descriptive Exams in IBPS Banking or Insurance AO exams in 2015. So lets get started.

How is the Descriptive Test Conducted Online in Banking/Insurance Exams?

Well, As per IBPS Website, The Descriptive Paper is conducted only through online mode. Questions will be displayed on the screen of your computer. Answers are to be
typed using the keyboard. 

So basically, you need to Type the answers in the screen and submit them. The whole process will be ONLINE. Even it is assumed SBI will adapt it soon. Which means your answers will be uploaded to the Test Server as soon as you submit.

Things to Remember – In the Examination Centre

1. You Should Check The Keyboard before the test. There has been a lot of complaints regarding the keyboard provided while conducting any IBPS Banking or Insurance Examinations. So it is best to test it before hand.

2. You Must Submit Your Answer. If you don’t submit your answer after completion then your answer won’t be saved. So make sure, you SUBMIT the answer.

3. Prepare a gist in your mind/rough sheet beforehand.

How to Succeed in Online Descriptive Exam of Bank or Insurance Officers?

1. Typing typing and Typing. Try to write articles on your own. If you can open a Blog for yourself(its free with Google). Regular blog post of Whatever Topic you want will increase the coordination between your creative mind and your typing skills.

2. Facebook. Yes, Facebook do help. Participating in Academical Groups or Chatting with your friend through PC does help you to type better.

3. Laptop Typing is not Necessary. About 70% of Students have a laptop. And most of the students type in Laptop. Now basically when you sit in front of a Keyboard, it turns out to be difficult. So practice in PC Keyboards.

4. Speed is not Needed, Less Grammatical and Punctuation Errors are welcomed. So first think at least two sentence then start typing.

5. Prepare a Gist before start typing an essay.

6. Save a little time for review of the Paper. A lot of students reportedly could not submit, finish the paper in time. So make sure you have at least 20% of the allotted time as a review time.

7. Organised. If you see this article, it is organised in different sections. So you make sure have well organised your Answer before submitting.

8. No EMPHASIZED Capitalisation. Which means, in this article, a lot of Words have been capitalised to attract your Attention. You Must NOT do such thing.

All the best. Give you best shot.


Team ExamPundit