Has passion turned into a social media show off? – Essay for SBI PO & BOB Manipal


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing an essay for BOB Manipal and SBI PO 2018 Exam. The essay topic is “Has passion turned into a social media show off?”.

Has passion turned into a social media show off?

In this fast pacing world, everyone is in a hurry to achieve their dreams The hobbies have broaden their horizons from just reading, writing, and playing cricket to photography, video creation, fashion blogging, and so many to name. Social media comes in really handy when it comes to finding a path for your passion as people of every age, caste and creed can be found there. It has become a platform where people can document their passion in whichever way they like and also have opinions from around the world.

Social media has not only staged several passions and turned them into real jobs but has also given birth to so many new careers. Gone are the days when people dreamt of becoming an engineer or a doctor. Nowadays, the dreams are of being an influencer, blogger, stylist, and creator. But then, is it easy? When one decides to portray their passion on social media, he is allowing the world to judge him and have opinions about the content. In order to always be on a good side of the audiences, sometimes the essence of the content is overpowered by the demands of the followers.

We see so many similar profiles on internet, following the same path, doing the same thing and sometimes even copying each other. In the desire of making a mark on social media, the passion loses its real identity. But then, the irony is that even copying is trendy these days. We can easily see ourselves falling prey of the trend and without giving it too much thought that how is it relevant to our passion we start doing the same thing as others on the social media.

It is hard to make a mark in this social media-driven world but more painful thing is watching passions turning into a show-off. It is important that we do not lose our identity for pleasing the audience. Only those who decide to not follow but make their own path apart from others are reminisced for long.




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