General Awareness Quiz for Syndicate Bank PGDBF 2017 – 2 | Financial and Banking News & Awareness

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1. With which of the following nation did India recently
sign an MOU for Technical Cooperation in Rail Sector Especially on Safety
Related Subject?
1) Japan
2) South Korea
3) Australia
4) United Kingdom
5) None of the above
2. What is the project outlay of the Chief Minister Samagra
Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) which was launched in Assam?
1) Rs 30,000 Cr
2) Rs 20,000 Cr
3) Rs 35,000 Cr
4) Rs 25,000 Cr
5) Rs 21,000 Cr
3. Hindustan Motors on 11 February 2017 sold out Ambassador
car brand to Peugeot SA for 80 crore rupees. Peugeot SA is situated which
1) Italy
2) Germany
3) France
4) Switzerland
5) Spain
4. With which of the following nation did India recently
sign a MoU on economic cooperation?
1) Bulgaria
2) Croatia
3) Denmark
4) Serbia
5) Nepal
5. The government targets to bring 1 crore households out of
poverty by –
1) 2018
2) 2020
3) 2022
4) 2019
5) 2021
6. Which of the following country was the partner country of
the 31st Surajkund International Crafts Mela?
1) Israel
2) Egypt
3) UAE
4) Japan
5) Bangladesh
7. The SARFAESI act at present is not applicable to?
1) public sector banks
2) financial institutes of the government
3) private banks
4) no-banking financial companies
5) small and co-operative banks
8. ’sub-prime lending’ is term applied to loans made to
1) those borrowers who do not have a good credit history
2) those who wish to take loan against the mortgage of
tangible assets
3) those who have a good credit history and are known to
bank since long
4) preferred borrowers of the bank
5) none of these
9. Which of the following is an example of a universal bank
taking multifarious financial services under one roof?
1) receiving money on current or deposit accounts and
lending of money for trade, industries, exports, agriculture etc.
2) mortgage financing, project financing, infrastructure
lending, asset securitization, leasing, factoring etc.
3) remittance of funds, custodial services, credit/debit
cards, collection of cheques/bills etc.
4) all of the above
5) none of the above
10. Expand IFRS
1) International Financial Reporting Standards
2) Indian Financial Rating Standards
3) International Financial Rating Standards
4) Indian Functional Reporting Standards
5) none of these
11. The right to retain possession only of those goods in
respect of which the dues have arisen is called
1) particular lien
2) general lien
3) right of set off
4) all of these
5) none of these
12. BASEL I, which was issued in 1988, focused on
1) capital adequacy of financial institutions
2) improvement of banking sector’s ability to deal with
financial and economic stress
3) technology upgradation
4) training of banking staff
5) professionalism in banking

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