General Awareness Group Study – SBI PO Mains 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . After discussing the other day, we have decided to start
Group Study Initiative for General Awareness of SBI PO Mains.

So, how will it
a) 4 aspirants from ep will be chosen every time
b) They will be given one topic to study
c) they will be given 2 days to complete the topic
d) they make their notes – Handwritten** or Typed
e) they share it with us – we share it with all
How will it
benefit everyone?
  • Suppose, Chitrarth, Bahubali, Ruchi & Abhinav was
    selected. Then they were given 4 topics.
  • Now, you only prepare one topic, in return you get 4.
  • You don’t have to spend making all the notes for yourself.
  • The more the aspirants, the faster we will cover the entire
    general awareness.

**it has to be good so that aspirants can read.


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Those who wants to help each other, kindly mail us at for your topic.

Topics will be given by us. You have to mail us for the topic.
All the best!!
United we stand!


Team ExamPundit