General Awareness Group Study – SBI PO Mains 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . After discussing the other day, we have decided to start
Group Study Initiative for General Awareness of SBI PO Mains.

So, how will it
a) 4 aspirants from ep will be chosen every time
b) They will be given one topic to study
c) they will be given 2 days to complete the topic
d) they make their notes – Handwritten** or Typed
e) they share it with us – we share it with all
How will it
benefit everyone?
  • Suppose, Chitrarth, Bahubali, Ruchi & Abhinav was
    selected. Then they were given 4 topics.
  • Now, you only prepare one topic, in return you get 4.
  • You don’t have to spend making all the notes for yourself.
  • The more the aspirants, the faster we will cover the entire
    general awareness.

**it has to be good so that aspirants can read.


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Those who wants to help each other, kindly mail us at [email protected] for your topic.

Topics will be given by us. You have to mail us for the topic.
All the best!!
United we stand!


Team ExamPundit

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