GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the GA Questions asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2017. These are shared by Vikas Pandey and Tanmay!

GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2017

  1. Who launched Project Nischay? – IDBI Bank
  2. Gorakhpur is situated on the bank of _______. – Rapti River
  3. Dudhwa National Park is located in ________. – Uttar Pradesh
  4. Sowa- Rigpa medicine by which country – Tibet
  5. What is the full form of BCSBI –  Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
  6. Lalit Upadhyay related to which field – Sports (Hockey Player)
  7. Amman is the capital city of  – Jordan
  8. Definition of Mutilated Notes – Mutilated banknote is a banknote, of which a portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces.
  9. One question related to Factoring
  10. Gudi padwa festival celebrated in which state –  Maharashtra
  11. 2017 Noble prize in Physics won by whom – Rainer Weiss. Barry C. Barish. Kip S. Thorne.
  12. Girija devi is associated with which of the following field – Singer
  13. How much percent of Indian Household covered by bank accounts – 58.7%
  14. CISF Headquarter is located in which city – New Delhi
  15. Loktak lake is located in which Indian State – Manipur
  16. According to which act Banks can share their dividend among shareholders? – Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  17. Nedungadi bank in Kerala merge with which of the following bank – Punjab National Bank
  18. Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary is located in which state – Karnataka
  19. National Insurance Academy in state of – Pune, Maharashtra
  20. Who is the Finance minister (state) in Modi’s government  – Shiv Pratap Shukla
  21. The book on Hema Malini ,Beyond the dream girl written by – Ram Kamal Mukherjee
  22. Which of the day is observed on 10th November – World Science Day for Peace and Development
  23. In LAB , A stands for what – Area
  24. Who is the winner of 2017 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold (Badminton) –
  25. Full form of CFMS – Centralised Funds Management System

If you have any more GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2017 in your stock! Feel free to share!


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