GA Questions asked in NICL AO 2015 – 4th April – Morning

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the GA Questions asked in NICL AO 4/4/2015 Morning Shift. Thanks to Aadat Kumar, Rohit, Anil, Arun & RK for sharing the questions. BIG Thanks to Gymson!

  1. Solar Impulse 2 started its journey from – Abu Dhabi
  2. What is the currency of Spain? – Euro
  3. UNEP Head Quarters is located in? – Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Who received Sarswati samman 2015? – Veerappa Moily
  5. What is the FDI allowed in Insurance? – 49%
  6. What name the spacecraft orbited Ceres recently? – NASA’s
  7. What is the new name of IRDA?  – IRDA of India
  8. Insurance Awareness Day is celebrated on – 19th
    April(Asked in Warm Up Match)
  9. What is the capital of Germany? – Berlin
  10. What % of Indians have health insurance cover?  – 17%
  11. What was Sushma Swaraj’s Constituency in LS Election 2014?
  12. Ankita Raina is associated with which sport? – Tennis
  13. Navy Day is celebrated on which day? – December 4
  14. Bhagyashree Scheme was launched in which state?
  15. Atal Pension Yojana will be launched on? – 1 June, 2015
  16. Who was the runner up in Dubai Open 2015? – Novak Djokovic
  17. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located in which state? – Goa
  18. India population with
    respect to world in percen
    t – 17.5%
  19. Which bank opened its
    independent subsidiary general insurance company
    ? –  Kotak Mahindra
  20. Who scored back to
    back 4 centuries in World Cup?
    – Kumar Sangakkara
  21. Fully owned
    government life insurance company
    – LIC
  22. Next SAARC summit in
    which country
    – Pakistan
  23. Insurance related like one was 2 or more insurance together is called what ? – Co-Insurance
  24. Second Thursday of March Celebrated as? – World Kidney Day
  25. First Kisan Call Centre of North-East opened in – Agartala, Tripura.
  26. One was there in which options were underwriting,negotitation etc
  27. Star Union Da Ichi is a JV btween Star da Ichi and which Indian PSU banks? – Bank of India & Union Bank of India
  28. Which country is the largest producer of turmeric? – India
  29. As per corporate ministry data, which Indian company posted the largest revenue? – Reliance Industries Limited
  30. Who regulates
    medicine price in India?
    – National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
  31. Who received Nobel
    Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014? two names given, one was in option

    Edward & Brit Moser and John O Keef
  32. Term used for the
    person take risk in a venture over premium
  33. Patrick Pichette
    recently resigned as CFO of which company
    ? – Google
  34. Rotavirus causes
    Stomach Flu
  35. Digital Gender Atlas –
    made union ministry of HRD with collaboration of which UN Organisation?
    – UNICEF
  36. Period upto which no
    one can challenge insurance policy
    – Lock in Period
  37. Nimrud city in which
    – Iraq
  38. Angara A5 rocket
    launched by which country?
    – Russia

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