GA Questions Asked in NICL AO 12 April – Morning

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the General Awareness Questions asked in NICL AO 12th April, morning shift, 2015. Thanks to Souvik and Shashank and Akhil for sharing. Again for the 2nd week in a row, most of the questions came from Expected Questions series.

  1. HDFC LIFE JV of
    which two HDFC and ? –
    Standard Life
  2. Basel guidelines
    are for which sector?
    – Banking
  3. UN Industrial Developmental
    Organisation headquaters in which country?
    – Vienna, Austria
  4. Claims settle by
    an Ombudsman are below the amount of?
    – 20Lakh
  5. Pension per month
    for Varistha bima yojana?
    – 500-5000rs
  6. An ombudsman
    settles claims for which customer profile?
    – Individual
  7. Kidambi srikanth
    won Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold which was held in? –
  8. Who is north east
    brand ambassador?
    – MC Mary Kom
  9. Tribhuvan
    International airport is in
    – Kathmandu, Nepal
  10. One of eight
    coastal security system placed by Modi ji where?
    – Seychelles
  11. Which insurance
    company is at the top in India regarding assets and economic condition?

    – LIC
  12. Interest rate of Sukanya
    Samriddhi a/c?- FY 14-16 – 9.1% (But 
    9.2% FY 15-16)
  13. According to FY 16
    FMC to be merged with?
    – SEBI
  14. Credit Guarantee
    corpus amount of mudra bank?
    – 3000cr
  15. Union minister of
    cabinet in Aviation?
    – Pusapati Ashok Gajapati Raju
  16. The Find is
    acquired by which IT giant?
    – Facebook
  17. Bhogali Bihu is
    celebrated where?
    – Assam
  18. Hannover Messe
    Fair recently hosted in Germany who was its partner
    ? – India
  19. 69th santosh
    trophy won by?
    – Services
  20. De-worming day is
    celebrated on
    – 10th feb
  21. Lia van leer of Israel
    died this year was known for?
    – Film programming and archiving
  22. What is force
    – unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from
    fulfilling a contract.
  23. Who is the largest
    arms importer according to SIPRI
    ? – India

  24. Insurer sharing
    assets under another company to minimize losses? –
  25. What is it called
    paying fixed premiums for a service of a fixed period?
    – Term
  26. Who settles the
    claims in insurance?
    – Insurance Companies
  27. “Frond
    end-something” term is associated with which sector?
  28. Insurance for
    agricultural products if loss happens due to market instability is called?
  29. Capital of China? – Beijing

  30. Currency of Mauritius? – Mauritian Rupee
  31. Which is the largest general insurance company of India on the basis of gross premium collection? – New India Assurance
  32. Mesabi Iron Range is situated at? – United States

Correct if you notice any, add if you have any!

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