GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here are the GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains today 21 January, 2018. A big thanks to Shashank and VIkash Pandey for sharing the questions with us.

GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains

GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains 2017 (Held on 21/1/2018)

  1. For how many years 8% Interest will be paid in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana? – 10 years
  2. Interest rate risk is what type of risk? – Market Risk
  3. Initial coin offering is related to – cryptocurrency
  4. Vienna is the capital of which country – Austria
  5. Ukai dam situated in which state/city – Surat, Gujarat
  6. First Indian state to start adjournment online – Rajasthan
  7. Who is heading committee for China relationship – Shashi Tharoor
  8. Balphakram National Park is located in which state – Meghalaya
  9. Hand in hand Joint military exercise held between which countries – India & China
  10. Achnakamer wildlife sanctuary is located in which state – Mungeli district, Chhattisgarh
  11. What does A stand for in FATF?- Action
  12. Which city has hosted the 48th Conference of Governors? – New Delhi
  13. 3rd International Conference on Yoga held in which city – New Delhi
  14. Who is the governor of Arunachal Pradesh – BD Mishra
  15. JRD Tata sport memorial situated in which city – Jamshedpur
  16. Full form of LAF- Liquidity Adjustment Facility
  17. Bharatiya Reserve bank Note Mudran press located in which cities – Dewas, Shalboni
  18. What does P stands for in MPC? – Policy (Monetary Policy Committee)
  19. Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park is situated in?- Rajasthan
  20. In Nach, “H” stands for what – House (National Automated Clearing House)
  21. Sanjeev Stalin is associated with which sport? – Football
  22. Who is the current Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog – Rajiv Kumar
  23. SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit 2017, held in which country – Astana, Kazakhstan
  24. Nobel Prize 2017 in Economics given to – Richard Thaler
  25. Savings & current account is known as – CASA ratio
  26. Who is lekh tandon – Indian filmmaker and actor
  27. Definition of Hedging – A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset
  28. Who regulates Micro-finance Institutes in India? – RBI
  29. Which financial institute raise capital for customers by underwriting? – Investment Bank
  30. Benghazi port that was closed back in 2011′ was opened in October 2017 – Libya
  31. Kisan Credit Cards cannot be issued by – Payments Bank
  32. UCO Bank headquartered at – Kolkata
  33. One day or overnight borrowing is called – call money
  34. Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers HQ – Mumbai
  35. What is CRISIL?
  36. Payment Bank cannot issue – Credit Card
  37. NACC Last C stands for – Change, ( National Assessment on Climate Change)
  38. SFMS – Structured Financial Messaging System

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  • Chanakya

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  • David

    Bharatiya Reserve bank Note Mudran press located in which cities – Dewas, Shalboni
    Yaha Dewas ki jagah mysore hoga?

  • dsfghjkl;

    Dada syndicate k liye ga pdf provide karenge kya

  • ariana

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    • NUMERO UNO..!!!

      yes..shoot ur query..

      • ariana

        Thanku for ur reply…Wo qstn no 17 me naa exam me dewas already dia hua tha bas aur ek puchhatha mene shalboni toh likha h par koi koi site me mysuru v bolrh h toh sahi ans kya hoga???

        • Was Salboni in the option? or Mysuru? Which one was there?

          • ariana

            Both are there Dada I got confused but I wrote salboni…
            Dewas was fixed

        • NUMERO UNO..!!!

          Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) was established by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as its wholly owned subsidiary on 3rd February 1995 with a view to augmenting the production of bank notes in India to enable the RBI to bridge the gap between the supply and demand for bank notes in the country. The BRBNMPL has been registered as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act 1956 with its Registered and Corporate Office situated at Bengaluru. The company manages 2 Presses one at Mysore in Karnataka and the other at Salboni in West Bengal. The present capacity for both the presses is 16 billion note pieces per year on a 2-shift basis.

          I think u will get ur query rectified..!!

          • ariana

            Thankuu…one more doubt plz plz plz help I asked Dada twice but he didn’t reply…see my above comments
            Mene dena bank varatha may 2017 me abtak kch notifctn nh aya about the exam kb aaega kch pta h kya aapko??

          • NUMERO UNO..!!!

            see ma’am dena bank hmne bhi bhara tha lekin koi khabar nahi hai abhi tak..because ye ek to chhota bank hai aur upar se npa..may be after recapitalisation wo recruit tak better to focus on forthcoming examination ATB

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      • ariana

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  • Garima

    -In CAG,A stands for
    -One ques related to PPF
    -Virendar Kumar minister of state belongs to which constituency
    -ELSS related to mutual fund scheme, L stands for
    -In GDR.,G stands for
    -Who won China open
    -Hq of MIGA
    -Who established NISM