FCI AG-III General or Depot – Comparison 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. A lot of emails came, group comments and messages regarding what to choose between FCI Assistant Grade 3 or AG-3 General or Depot. 

The notification caused a confusion among many aspirants.

So after consulting with several Experienced members we came to a conclusion and now sharing the comparison and very basics of these two posts. So lets get started.


So what does a AG-3 General Do on regular basis?

Well, FCI AG-III(General) does the very basic clerical jobs in FCI Office. Handling of Postage/mails or distributing the mails to the respective sections or officers(sometimes physically). Sometime he or she needs to Prepare a mail or identity cards. He or she will also be responsible for keeping tracks of Inward and Outward files.

So basically it is a repetitive job with good salaries and a good future if you can work really hard.



What does a AG-3 Depot Do on regular basis?


Now, AG-III Depot’s work profile is technically same as AG-III General however the tasks are vastly different from what we have elaborated in General.

He or she has to procure food grain as per the specifications from farmers, mandi, etc., preserve the stock. He/She will be responsible for maintaining the quality of food grain. Also keeping and monitoring the Trucks/Lorries which will go out or come. Also you have to make sure that the security and cleaning stuffs are following the given parameters.

Earlier we have elaborated with more details about the job profiles of these two profile in a different article.


Where will I be posted in FCI AG-III General and Depot?

In FCI AG-3 General he or she will generally be posted in Headquarters/Zonal/Regional/District office.

In AG-3 Depot He or She will generally be posted in depot. However, depending on work may be required to work in Headquarters/Zonal/Regional/District office/Depot.



Which is more exciting?

A clerk job in FCI is never Exciting. Hence you have to choose between a job which is Official Work and a job which is more of a Supervisor. Both can be frustrating or boring at times but it depends upon you as even a pilot may find his job boring.



Which has more risk? Which has more growth?


As far as risk concerned both of them are risky however the Depot has reportedly been a little riskier as the mistakes are taken very seriously out there.

Both have same growth.



If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below!


Team ExamPundit