Expected Questions – World & Sports – March, 2015 – Set 2

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the remaining Expected Questions from World and Sports Current Affairs March, 2015.

1. 400Km wide largest
asteroid impact zone in the world was recently discovered in ___________.
– Australia
2. Germanwings Flight
9525 which crashed into the French Alps was a subsidiary of which airline?
– Lufthansa
3. Name the Lufthansa
flight which crashed into the French Alps recently.
– Germanwings Flight 9525
4. Germanwings Flight
9525 which crashed into the French Alps was coming from which country?
– Spain (City: Barcelona)
5. Name the NASA’s
rover which completed first-ever Mars marathon.
– Opportunity
6. NASA’s Opportunity
rover took how many years to complete first-ever Mars marathon?
– 11 years 2 month
7. What is the name
of the android robot which set a Guinness Record as First Companion Robot in

Space in ISS?
– Kirobo
8. The android robot
Kirobo who set two Guinness World Records for being a Space Companion was
developed by which country?
– Japan
9. Muhammadu Buhari
recently won the presidential election of which country?
– Nigeria
10. Name the Nobel
laureate who was named as the President of Britain’s prestigious Royal Society.
– Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
11. Who was ranked 1
in World’s 50 Greatest Leaders Fortune Magazine?
– Apple CEO Tim Cook
12. Sarath Fonseka
became first Field Marshal of ________.
– Sri Lanka
13. Which company
appointed Ruth Porat as Chief Financial Officer?
– Google Inc.
14. Atul Keshap was
recently named as the ambassador to which country(s)?
– Sri Lanka & Maldives
15. Name the Indian
author who was in top 10 finalist for Man Booker International Prize 2015.
– Amitav Ghosh

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