Expected Questions on Stand-Up India Scheme


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing the important Expected Questions on Stand-Up India Scheme. These are extremely important for the Banking Awareness in Bank PO and Clerk Exams.

Expected Questions on Stand-Up India Scheme

  1. In which year did the government launch Stand Up India Scheme? – 2016
  2. What is the purpose of Stand-Up India Scheme? – financing SC/ST and/or Women Entrepreneurs
  3. The objective of the Stand-Up India scheme is to facilitate bank loans between __________. – ₹10 lakh and ₹1 Crore
  4. To avail loan in Stand-up India Scheme, in case of non-individual enterprises, what is the minimum shareholding required to be held by either an SC/ST or Woman entrepreneur? – 51%
  5. What is the minimum amount of loan can be availed from Stand Up India Scheme? – ₹10 lakhs
  6. What is the maximum amount of loan can be availed from Stand Up India Scheme? – ₹1 crore
  7. What is the maximum interest rate applicable for Stand Up India scheme? – base rate (MCLR) + 3%+ tenor premium)
  8. Loans under the Stand-Up India scheme is available for only _______. – Greenfield Project
  9. What is the minimum age for availing a loan under Stand up India Scheme? – 18 years
  10. What are the sectors covered under Stand Up India Scheme loan? – manufacturing, trading or services sector
  11. Which of the following organisations are designated Stand-Up Connect Centres (SUCC)? – SIDBI and NABARD
  12. Which of the following organisation maintains the Stand Up India Portal? – SIDBI
  13. What is the maximum moratorium period of loans under Stand Up India Scheme? – 18 Months
  14. What is the repayment period for loans under Stand Up India Scheme? – 7 years

Note: Definition of Greenfield Project – The term greenfield was originally used in construction and development to reference land that has never been used (e.g. green or new), where there was no need to demolish or rebuild any existing structures.  Today, the term greenfield project is used in many industries, including software development where it means to start a project without the need to consider any prior work.

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