Expected Questions – Awards – Days – Books – April 1 to 15, 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the remaining Expected Questions from Obituaries, Awards & Honors, Books & Authors and Observance in April 1 to April 15.

1. Who received the The
International Achievement Award 2015 by Florence Nightingale International
– Dr Subhadra Devi Rai
2. Name the
Indian-origin nurse who received The International Achievement Award 2015 in
– Dr Subhadra Devi Rai
3. Dr Subhadra Devi
Rai received The International Achievement Award 2015. It was given by which

International Organization?
– The Florence Nightingale International Foundation
4. Name the Indian
origin professor who received Peltier Award in Teaching in South Africa.
– Rajani Ganesh Pillai
5. World Health Day
is celebrated on ________.
– 7th April
6. World Autism
Awareness Day is celebrated on __________.
– April 2nd
7. What was the theme
of World Health Day 2015?
– From farm to plate, make food safe (Topic was FOOD SAFETY)
8. What was the theme
of World Autism Awareness Day 2015?
– Employment: The Autism Advantage
9. National Safe
Motherhood Day is celebrated on _________.
– 11th April
10. What was the
theme of National Safe Motherhood Day 2015?
– “Nothing About Us Without Us”
11. Name the
acclaimed Latin American Author from Uruguay who passed away recently.
– Eduardo Galeano
12. Who wrote the
book Aatank Ke Saaye Mein which was released recently?
– Garima Sanjay
13. Who wrote the
book Indian Diplomacy Through Three Decades?
– Surendra Kumar
14. World
Immunization Week 2015 will be celebrated from __________.
– 24 to 30 April
15. World
Immunization Week is celebrated on _______.
– Last week of April
16. What is the theme
of World Immunization Week 2015?
– Close the immunization gap
17. Which International
Airport authority bagged the Golden Peacock National Quality Award for 2015?
– Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL)
18. Name the Indian
Origin banker who received ‘Retail Banker of the Year in Middle East’.
– Suvro Sarkar
19. Anything But….
An Autobiography – is the autobiography of __________.
– Richie Benaud
20. Name the famous
Australian Cricketer known as “Voice of Cricket” who passed away recently.
– Richie Benaud (His last book: Over But Not Out)


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