Expected Banking Awareness Questions – Credit Rating & Agencies in India


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing Important Expected Banking Awareness Questions on Credit Rating & Agencies in India. The questions will be very important for the upcoming SBI, IBPS Examinations.

Expected Banking Awareness Questions – Credit Rating & Agencies in India

Expected Banking Awareness Questions – Credit Rating & Agencies in India

  1. Who among the following regulates Credit Rating Agencies in India? – SEBI
  2. Credit Rating Agencies denote the rating by which symbol? – Simple Alphanumeric Symbols i.e. AA+, A- etc.
  3. Name the first Credit Rating Agency of India. – CRISIL
  4. CRISIL was established in which year? – 1987
  5. Who is the largest shareholder of CRISIL? – Standard & Poor’s
  6. Which of the following agency launched India’s first index to benchmark performance of investments of foreign portfolio investors (FPI) in the fixed-income market? – CRISIL
  7. CRISIL is headquartered in which city? – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  8. What does CRISIL stands for? – Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
  9. TransUnion CIBIL is headquartered in ______. – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  10. What is ICRA? – A credit rating agency.
  11. The majority of shares are held in ICRA by _______.- Moody’s
  12. ICRA credit rating agency is headquartered in ________. – Gurugram
  13. SMERA is credit rating agency exclusively set up for _____. – micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME)
  14. Who is the principal promoter of SME Rating Agency of India? – Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
  15. SME Rating Agency of India is headquartered in _____. – Mumbai
  16. What does credit agency IND-RA stands for? – India Ratings & Research
  17. India Rating & Research (IND-RA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of _______. – Fitch Group


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