Exampundit Turns 4 today – A note for Aspirants!


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we mark the 4th Birthday of Exampundit. On this very day, in 2014, I created exampundit to help the aspirants.

Primarily, I created it to keep all the materials in a organised way. But after 4-5 months of creation, people started to love EP.

Aspirants started asking for more materials, more quizzes. During 2015 February, we started focusing on Materials for Bank and SSC Exams in Full Fledged.

We did create a few things for aspirants in exampundit:

  1. Warm Up Match (2015) – A free Mock Test for Aspirant (Discontinued)
  2. Mini-Mock (2016) – A smaller version of a mock test. (Discontinued)
  3. One Liner Current Affairs (2016) – Current Affairs in one or two lines. Formerly, it was known as “Current affairs at a glance”. (Active)
  4. Expected Questions (2015) – Expected Current Affairs/Banking Awareness/Stock GK Questions (Active)
  5. Ask The Mentor (2015) – A page dedicated to ask mentor, aspirants. (Partially Discontinued)
  6. Live Q&A (2015) – Extended version of Ask The Mentor, where aspirants/mentor ask questions. (Partially Discontinued)

If you want any Discontinued or Partially Discontinued feature to come back, comment. 🙂


Exampundit has gone through a lot of ups and downs but the love from the aspirants has kept it strong.

The aspirants are the most inspiring. Yes, you guys are the most inspiring people.

Your never give up attitude, fighting spirit is remarkable.

Aspirants make Exampundit what it is today. And I can assure you that in the coming days, you will see a lot of things in EP which will help you succeed.

So, be a part of our journey. Let us be a part of your journey, let us help you.

Always keep motivating us because you guys are the soul of ep 🙂

Keep fighting and trust me, you will succeed very soon.

May the force be with you!




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