Exam Review – RRB NTPC 2nd Stage CBT (GA Questions Asked) – 19 January, 2017 – sha2nk90

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an Exam Review along with the GA Questions Asked in the RRB NTPC 2017 2nd Stage CBT. Thanks sha2nk90 for sharing questions and giving us a review.

Reasoning & Maths : one can solve all questions easily.

GS : was a bled of current affairs(2016),general knowledge and general science..History and Geo questions was hardly 4-5.

Some questions asked ,are below :

1.Governor of Odisha appointed in 2013 : S.C. Jamir
2.Neta ji Subhash chandra bose airport : Kolkata
3.Indian council of Agriculture research : hyderabad
4.Which state does not have Kabaddi as its state game :
5.Name of tiger died recently in Ranthambore national park : Machli
6.Rann festival : gujarat
7.quorum of members for a sitting of lok sabha :1/10 of members
8.Tyndal effect: scattering of light
9.ICR : Intelligent character recognition
10.no of oxygen molecule in Ozone : 3
11.Fukoka prize 2016 : A.R rehman
12.Youthsat : satellite
13. which factor is used to define Public or private entity : ownwership
14.Biosphere diversity related question
15.Depression (INflation wala)
16.who is called computer literate
17.work sheet in computer terms
18. copy and paste shortcut :Ctrl + c;Ctrl+v
19.which is not a threat to tiger popukation
20.Ghandhiji’s Non cooperation movement
21.micheal Beven related to which sports
22.photo synthesis related
23.maximum mangrove forests
24.which does not contribute to air pollution
25.silicon is used as semiconductor

Did 114..


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