Exam Review – NICL Assistant 26 April 2015 – Both Shifts

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the NICL Assistant 2015 Exam review of 26th April combined of Both Shifts. Thanks to Arun, Hari, Priyanka, Abhay, Mandar for sharing the questions as well as sharing the reviews. We are really proud of each and everyone of you. And those who are following silently, we like to thank all. Thank you for trusting in our materials, thank you for believing in us.

Lets get to the point, here is the detailed review of NICL Assistant 2015 Exam held on 26th April.


Reasoning was reviewed as “easy”. There were Inequality-5, Directions-2, Syllogism-5, Floor puzzle-5, Seating-5, Coding-5, Series based arrangement-5, Blood relationship-1, Word based arrangement-5, Miscellaneous-2 in the morning session. We did not receive that much details about the Evening session. However, both the Shifts were “Easy”. The average attempts in both shifts combined varied from 35-39.

Numerical Ability

Numerical was TOUGH as expected. In evening there was a question in quantitative aptitude about rectangular block of 44*28 cm,2 rods each having 4 cm placed parallel with length and breadth respectively in the middle of the block, find out the cost of unfolded area if that portion to be covered with rs.1.50? (digits may vary). There was also 4 number series, 5-6 simplification.
Another question, Kamal and his son’s present ratio a:b, if Kamal’s present age is A yrs then after how many years their age will be x:y?

In the morning session there were Series-5, Simplified-13, Di-5, Arithmetic concept-17. All over, both the shifts were TOUGH, Calculative and Frowning for all. The average attempt varied in both the shifts from 15-22.


English was easy in both the shifts. Although some reviews were about English being moderate. But most of them said it was easy. There was a story type passage both fill in the blanks and answering passage. Others were easy as described. The Average attempts varied from 32-37.


Computer was very easy. It was a jovial section for all. The average attempts varied from 35-39.

General Awareness

General Awareness contained 25% of Insurance Awareness(Moderate Level) as well as questions from Expected Questions series. The Students were quite happy with their performance in the GA.

:: Click Here for Morning Session ::

:: Click Here for Evening Session ::

The average attempts varied from 32-36.

Conclusion / Expectations

The average attempts varied from 156-168 regardless of Shift, Caste, State. The quantitative aptitude was the toughest, otherwise, all the other sections were good.

Expectations for 9th May NICL Assistant Exam:

  • Numerical Ability : Calculative Tough – Tough
  • Computer Knowledge: Easy – Normal
  • Reasoning – Moderate – Easy
  • General Awareness – Moderate – Easy
  • English – Easy – Moderate

No matter what happens, if you have worked hard, you will get your result.

Bhagwan ke Ghar der hain, Andher Nahi

All the best. 


Team ExamPundit


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