Exam Review – NICL Assistant 18 April 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. So today there was NICL Assistant exam. We received very few(near about 40) reviews from our group and page and email. Here is the exam review of NICL Assistant 18th April, 2015.

General Awareness

Most of the questions came from our Expected Questions series. Since a month after launch of Expected Questions, people have been happy about General Awareness section. Thanks to Nischal for sharing a few questions.

GA Questions asked in NICL Assistant 18/4/15 :

  1. Berlin capital of
    which country
    – Germany
  2. Keenan Stadium is
    located in
    – Jamshedpur
  3. Wings of fire written
    – APJ Abdul Kalam
  4. Chris Gayle belongs
    to which Nation?
    – Jamaica
  5. International court
    of justice HQ
    – The Hague
  6. Recently missile
    – Astra
  7. Insurance cover in
    – 1 Lakh
  8. Road transport
    – Nitin Gadkari
  9. PPF account deposit
    Limit extended to
    – 1.5 Lakhs
  10. Currency of Israel
    – Israeli New Shekel
  11. CEO of NITI Aayog? – Sindhushree Khullar


Reasoning was reportedly moderate to easy. A majority said that it was more of IBPS Clerk standard. The Reasoning was not very confusing. The seating arrangement was IBPS Clerical level.
We did not receive further information.

Numerical Ability

Numerical Ability had 2 DIs. One of the DI was easy in terms of calculation and the other was very time consuming and difficult. The simplifications and other questions were not very hard. It was overall Moderate.


English was Easy to Moderate. A lot of students said that the Comprehension was bit lengthy and time consuming. Other questions were similar to IBPS Clerk level.

Computer Knowledge

Computer knowledge had easy reviews. The questions were basic level and there were questions from MS Office, MS Excel.

Conclusion – Heads up for next Shifts

The average attempt varied from 140-155.


1. Reasoning: Moderate – Easy
2. General Awareness: Easy(Read our Materials)
3. Computer Knowledge: Easy
4. Numerical Ability: Moderate – Above Moderate
5. English – Moderate – Easy

Thank you. All the best.


Team ExamPundit


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