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Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the IPPB Assistant Manager 29 January, 2017 Exam Review shared by the fighter.

Reasoning- 5 puzzles

One linear arrangement with two rows and family arrangement..tough

One puzzle on 7 boxes and dry fruits kept in dem..easy

One puzzle on 7 ppl seven banks..easy

One puzzle on position hierarchy in office md color dy like..easy

One puzzle on few yrs gvn and few ppl gvn nd sum info lk d is born in evn year nd sum of present ages of a and c is 60..new type

Two questions on decision making

Three questions on new pattern coding decoding…tough

Analytical reasoning questions—easy

Syllog—moderate nd both old nd new pattern syllo ws dere

5 questions on I/O—didn’t even see

Nxt English-

One RC on global markets moderate

One RC on China—easier

Cloze 5 marks on Post Office

Sentence correction new type- one sentence gvn with four bold words in dem nd five options gvn such that each option replaces d bold words to make it grammatically correct.

Sentence Joining—couldn’t understand

Missing Line—moderate

Nxt Computer-
Tough questions lk star topology features,

1. ^sign in MS Excel is used for –

2. Which command is used to freeze column in MS Excel?

3. Each of the four numbers in an IP address can be max in which number?


Unexpected because a lot of detailed questions from payment banks and banking..not much current affairs was asked.

Few questions lk-

1. In USSD – U stands for

2. In EMI – E stands for –

3. Cristiano Ronaldo is associated with –

4. Gandhi stadium location –

5. Maharana Pratap Dam located at

6. Asian Games 2018 will be hosted by which country –

7. How much stake of govt. in India post payment Bank?

8. Kite festival held at

9. which corporate gave up payment bank license

10. capital of jordan

Maths- tough
4 di- One tabular vt missing data, one on speed distance, one pie chart nd one passage type new hai yeh came in po mains also.
Series wrong one out

Quadratic questions were very easy.


  • Reasoning- 25
  • English- 23
  • Computer- 14
  • GA- 28
  • Maths- 15

All d Best to all


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Team ExamPundit