Exam Review – IBPS Specialist Officers – IT Officer 28 January, 2017 | New pattern in English

Hello and welcome to exampundit. As predicted in the IBPS IT Officer
Pitch Report, the overall level of the IBPS Special Officer – IT Officer 2017
was “difficult”.

English Language was overall very
difficult. The reading comprehension test had very good vocabulary questions.
On the other hand, there were questions on double sentence fillers where one
has to choose the option which does not fit. Also, there were questions similar
to IBPS PO Mains.
Quantitative Aptitude was
comparatively Easy. There were questions from Average, Time & Work, Profit
& Loss, Data Interpretation, Series, Quadratic Equations.
Series had questions with logic
like x.05, x13 etc. One who has prepared for IBPS PO, could easily
attempt these.
Reasoning was very difficult. The
puzzles were very difficult. One puzzle was based on Boxes, Color of Books and
the information given was mostly “negative”. For eg. Box 1 does not have Red
Color Book.
On the other side, the seating
arrangements were based on people and their age with 3-4 possibilities. The
questions were quite confusing as the aspirants were asked to answer “What is t
The professional knowledge was
moderate level. It had questions from Operating system, Data structure,
protecting iOS, Android from malware, POP3, SMTP etc.
Overall the examination clearly
indicates the rising level.


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Team ExamPundit