Exam Review – IBPS CLERK VI MAINS – The Actual Review – By The Aspirants

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Since Mains exams do not have multiple days, multiple shifts anymore, we have decided to give you the ACTUAL REVIEWS. No expert comment, no assumptions. Just the raw reviews with EMOTIONS and Suggestions by the Aspirants who gave the exam. Because if anyone has the right to judge or predict the examination/result its YOU.

Nikhil says 

In reasoning today (20 question were doable 5 coding decoding 5 Critical reasoning and 2 puzzles one of the family and there age, second the circle seating husband wife)
In maths (15-25 questions were doable, June July di, 5 series, 5 quadratic and rest depending upon how good ur with data sufficiency and word problem)
GA and COMP were easy barring a few questions (this two section will ensure that the Cutoffs don’t go below 80-85)
Regarding English, to each his own. Yes it was tough,the pattern was different, I would say a bit lengthy also. ( this section is going to be the deciding factor according to me)
Stay calm, what has passed has passed, nothing can bring it back. Focus ahead, a very happy new year to everyone.
Abhilasha says
Exam was tough
Tougher thn sbi clerk
Rsng tougher thn sbi po
English maths moderate
Computer easy
Thanx sir
Ga hi easy lga
Except some banking ques
Sujit says 
Ibps clrk done.. 148 frm WB gen.
Math-28, Reasng-25, GA-35, Com-38, Eng-22.. Thanks EP and Dada ibps po RRB OS1 RRB assistant and last IBPS clrk in all exm most of the GA r comn.. Thank u so much..
Killerguy says
Taking lesson from po mains this time tried to maintain accuracy.
In po got 51.5 out of 109 attempts
All subject section cleared if didn’t attempt some questions then result could be something else.
Ruchi says 
IBPS gifts ( EXAMS) should cm wd Caution: Dare to Attempt d exam at ur own cost. We won’t be responsible for mental instability after d exam :/
Coming to examReasoning – was d most disastrous section as per my opinion
Flooded wd complex puzzles.
5 puzzles wr thr
5qs- analytical reasoning
No syllogism
Coding decoding -5 (new pattern)
Then ENglish –
Passage -2 (5 syno n anto frm 2 passages)
Sentence correction -10(new pattern type)
Rerrangement -5 qs (individual qs)
No Cloze
Computer section- fairly easy ..No shortcuts they asked …sm abbreviation asked like RTF ,VoIP etc
Quantitative – as I lack speed so I felt it moderate- difficult .
2DI – one easy ( line )
One tabular ( % of saving account n etc given) ws difficult
No simplification/approximation
Series-5 (3 easy 2 difficult )
Quadratic eqn -5 easy
Data sufficiency -5
Word problems rest – moderate n calculative
Coming to GA section- It ws like easy .
GA comprised of Stock gk +banking awareness+ca
Ur gen awareness material is d only saviour. I’m at all praise for it 🙂
GA 37 laga Kr ayi hu… 2/3 confusion mei wrong hue baki r correct waise.
sha2nk90 says
after struggling a lot in reasoning managed just 8,,,with overall being 105..QA 18,,Eng 23,comp 29,GA 27…(one thing m sure about is accuracy..but this much attempt definitely won’t do any good for me..)ATB to others..Coding patten in reasoning..for coded as Go3..(next alphabet in capital of first alphabet ..rest same and last being the number of alphabets)

The average attempt was reported between 110 to 132. The average attempts are NOT statewise.


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