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The topic of the essay is : Internet for All – Pros & Cons

Rank #1 – Aarushi Mathur

Our country is slowly stepping in the developed zone from developing; Internet plays an essential role in bridging this gap. Almost every field today is armed with the power of internet. The comforts it provides on the professional as well as on the personal front are undebatably good. But it is rightly said that every coin has a flip side to it. Despite the advantages that it comes with it also has its own disadvantages.
As far as the pros of internet are concerned, it has countless ones. The things that were out of our reach are now available at out fingertips. Meetings can be conducted without gathering in a board room. Any kind of information is now just a few clicks away. It also plays the role of an assistant to one and all, from a chef in kitchen to students in studies to a father searching a groom for his daughter. Shopping has become a pleasure since we don’t have to step outside our houses in scorching sunlight in order to shop. You can also save time by checking the traffic before leaving your house for office, courtesy internet. Basically everything, you name it and it is there on internet.
But then comes the cons because nothing comes without a cost. No doubt it has made the most difficult tasks easier but it has also put our privacy to risk. Internet theft is no more an unheard thing. Many of us have faced it and also lost our hard earned money in the process. The tempting offers that advertisements show us are such an example. Also, too much dependency on internet has made us kind of lazy and dumb. We hardly keep a physical record of out important papers because it is all digitally saved. A day without an internet can cause losses in crores.
It is amusing how we have become a slave to something that was invented for our convenience. If it makes our life easier, it also needs to be used with utmost care. We can only make full use of the pros if we don’t fall prey to the cons of internet.

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Rank #2 – Shubhi Sharma

The world wide web or internet is a piece of technology that has revolutionized the whole world.  Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life with no internet as it is useful for us in many ways. It  gives us useful information, helps in online business, communicating with each other etc. It has several pros and cons as well.

They are as follows.

The Pros of the internet :

Easy access to information  : Internet is very important as it provides us useful and easy access to information what we want to know. Just we have to search it on any search engine, many results related to that search come before us within a second and we can go through it. It made everyone’s life simpler especially of students as it provides easy access to their queries or project related their searches.
Media to communicate Through internet we can communicate to our relatives or through our friends who are distant from us, we can communicate with them through e-mails, video calls, online chats etc. we can interact through our far away relatives share photos with them now even many messengers provide free calling and video-calling through which we can easily communicate with them,.
Online Marketing, E-Buisness  Internet provides us a platform to do our business online. Now many sellers are available here through which we can expand our business and make profit. It also become a platform for online marketing through many marketing sites.  We can even advertise our products on internet and can make profit
The Cons of the Internet:

Security In internet our data is not secure as well. As we make transactions it is done by third party so we can’t say anything of security, as nowadays, cyber crimes have become so intense. Hackers hack secret information like ATM Pins, credit card no. etc. So our data is not fully secure.

Overdependence on Internet  Internet has made new generations as slave, as our whole work is done online only. We can make payments by just single click, can order food, clothes, or any other useful material etc. Children don’t play outside instead they have now interest in online gaming. Overuse of Internet has serious effects as it makes the man violent and aggressive in nature and leads to several disease as well due to harmful radiations of mobile phone or computers.

Cyber Crimes  : Cyber crimes has also increased with a rapid rate as whole work is done through online mode only.  Live streaming child pornography, terrorist attacks, robbery etc  is on a high rate through internet.
Thus, these are some pros and cons of the internet. But to make efficient or wise use of it is up to us only.


Rank #3 – Pallavi

Modern human society living in a cyber
age as in today’s world computer has taken over every sphere of life.
Information Technology has now become the very basis of present growth on every
walk of life be it like scientific inventions, transportations, Medicare, telecommunication
and many more. Computer now become the potent tool of decision making. The
present decision makers find themselves handicapped without computer. In fact
IT has revolutionized the world and has transformed every facet of human life.
Internet is changing the way we view
and live our everyday life. The internet with its vast connectivity power has
created vast opportunities of growth and development. It surpasses geographical
boundaries, allowing people from different parts of world to communicate with
each other.
Along with its numerous benefits,
Internet has also generated a number of problems for modern society. It has
opened new channel of crime and made stealing of our money or confidential
information. It has enabled terrorist network. The criminal online steal the
identity of ordinary people and empty their bank account.
But at the same time we have to
strengthen our legal system and technology for defending against cyber threats.
Records can be kept in an electronic form. It means information generated,
stored in a magnetic tape, optical disc etc. Authentication of any information
can be done by digital signatures. With the help of private and public key, a
person can authenticate an electronic record.
The government has recently declared
the “CYBER SECURITY POLICY” with an aim to protect the information and build
capabilities to prevent cyber attacks. It aims to protect both business and
physical asset of our country. Government says that critical information such
as air defence, power infrastructure, nuclear power plants systems have to be
protected otherwise it may create economic instability.
Conclusion : We
should not forget that when Internet is in right hand it can bring people
together, create new growth of development but when in wrong hand it can spread
hate, danger the life of human society.

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