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Hello and welcome to exampundit.  Here is an essay on Are Fitness Gadgets Useful? written by Aarushi Mathur.

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Are Fitness Gadgets Useful? – Aarushi

A new craze among the youngsters is their fitness.
Everyone, from students to working professionals are getting motivated to adapt
a fitness regime according to their requirement. Even though it is difficult to
infuse an exercise session or a gym membership in their busy schedule, they are
still taking out time for this. The ambitious nature and rapidly developing
world has made them understand the importance of being fit and how it can help
them to be more productive in their respective fields.
Here comes the fitness gadgets in play. A fitness
gadget is basically a machine that comes in various forms like a wrist band,
ankle band, headphone, earphone and even leggings. A person can wear it easily
like an accessory for the whole day. It is built for both body and mind and
focuses solely on fitness. It is a self-monitoring and motivating invention
that tracks your activities, calorie take in, heat beat, pulse rate, sleep
routine, etc. It helps one to see if the efforts made by them are in the right
direction or not.
In a world so busy, where people find it difficult to
take out time for their day-to-day activities, a fitness gadget comes in very
handy. It tracks your routine and suggests minor changes which makes your
lifestyle healthy and fit, without putting in much effort. It also does not demand
much space and carrying capacity. The new designs recently launched are so cool
that it makes one want to flaunt the gadgets. The most popular of these is the
Fitbit Blaze. Some other examples are KuaiWear, Gymwatch, GoPro 4 and Garmin

Although, the fitness gadgets are not the most
affordable option as of now but it undoubtedly saves a lot of time. It is
expected that a fall in the prices of these will be seen in the near future. At
times where each and every field demands you to be in perfect shape and be fit
in order to be more and more productive, the role of fitness gadgets is
definitely of prominence. It is a win-win situation where you get to track your
health while maintaining it. 

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