English Quiz – New Type Errors – 23

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz on New type Error Correction problems.

In each question, there are five sentences. Each sentence has a pair of words that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted words, select the most appropriate words (A or B) to form correct sentences. The sentences are followed by options that indicate the words, which may be selected to correctly complete the set of sentences. From the options given, choose the most appropriate one.


  1. Anita wore a beautiful broach(A)/brooch(B) on the lapel of her jacket.

If you want to complain about the amenities in your neighbourhood, please meet your councillor(A) / counsellor(B).

I would like your advice(A)/advise(B) on which job I should choose.

The last scene provided a climactic(A)/climatic(B) ending to the film.

Jeans that flair(A)/flare(B) at the bottom are in fashion these days.







Option: 3


In option (1) Anita wore a brooch is the correct option. As broach means to mention and suggest for the first time. While brooch means a clasp or an ornament. In the second sentence one has to meet a councillor to complain about neighbourhood amenities as a councillor draws from the word council – which is responsible for keeping the county in order. A counsellor is one who helps you take an informed decision about one or more of your concerns, therefore councillor is the right option here. In the third sentence advice has to take the noun form and not the verb form, therefore advice is the right option. When Mr. Raymond advises people, he gives them advice. Climactic refers to climax, while climatic to weather conditions, therefore climactic is the right option. Flair refers to a natural talent; it is commonplace to say that one has a flair for writing. Flare means to spread gradually outward, as the end of a trumpet, the bottom of a wide skirt, or the sides of a ship. Therefore, BAAAB (3) is the right option.



  1. The cake had lots of currents(A)/currants(B) and nuts in it.

If you engage in such exceptional(A)/exceptionable(B) behaviour, I will be forced to punish you.

He has the same capacity as an adult to consent(A)/assent(B) to surgical treatment.

The minister is obliged(A)/compelled(B) to report regularly to a parliamentary board.

His analysis of the situation is far too sanguine(A)/genuine(B).







Option: 2


Currents refer to prevailing or flowing, while currants are deciduous shrubs; therefore B is the right option. In the second sentence, exceptional means unusual or extraordinary. While, exceptionable means objectionable. Assent means to concur to or subscribe to. While consent means to agree, comply or yield. In the third sentence obliged refers to bind morally or legally, as by a promise or contract. While, compelled refers to being forced. Therefore, A is the correct option. Sanguine refers to being cheerfully optimistic, ‘far too’ in the sentence provides the cue to choose option A. While genuine refers to authenticity and is usually not used with far too. Therefore BBAAA (2) is the right option.




  1. She managed to bite back the ironic(A)/caustic(B) retort on the tip of her tongue.

He gave an impassioned and valid(A)/cogent(B) plea for judicial reform.

I am not adverse(A)/averse(B) to helping out. The coupe(A)/coup(B) broke away as the train climbed the hill.

They heard the bells peeling(A)/pealing(B) far and wide.







Option: 2


Caustic refers to severely critical or sarcastic, while ironic draws from irony which refers to the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning. Therefore B is the correct option. Cogent refers to clear, or an incisive presentation. While valid refers to being sound. And, being impassionate usually does not necessitate being valid. Averse means having a strong feeling of opposition, or antipathy. While adverse refers to something being unfavourable. Therefore B is the correct option. Coup is a clever action or accomplishment. A coupé is the end compartment in a European railroad car. Therefore, A is the correct option. Peal refers to a ringing of a set of bells, especially a change or set of changes rung on bells. While, peel refers to that which is peeled from something, as a piece of the skin or rind of a fruit. Therefore, B is the right option. Therefore, BBBAB (2) is the right option.



  1. We were not successful in defusing(A)/diffusing(B) the Guru’s ideas.

The students baited(A)/bated(B) the instructor with irrelevant questions.

The hoard(A)/horde(B) rushed into the campus.

The prisoner’s interment(A)/internment(B) came to an end with his early release.

The hockey team could not deal with his unsociable(A)/unsocial(B) tendencies.







Option: 1


Defusing means to remove the fuse from a bomb, mine etc. Diffuse means to spread or scatter widely or disseminate. Therefore B is the right option. Baited means to entice, especially by trickery or strategy. While, bated means to lessen or diminish; abate. Therefore, A is the right option. In sentence three hoard refers to a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation. While, horde refers to a large group, mass or crowd. Therefore B is the correct option. In sentence four interment refers to burial, while internment refers to restrict to or confine within prescribed limits. Therefore B is the correct option. In sentence five unsociable refers to showing, or marked by a disinclination to friendly social relations; withdrawn and unsocial comes close in meaning to unsociable and is used more specifically when talking about predispositions or tendencies. Therefore, your answer choice should have corresponded with the options in the previous sentences treating these two words as synonyms. Therefore BABBA (1) is the correct answer.



In each question, there are four sentences. Each sentence has pairs of words/phrases that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then, from the options given, choose the best one.


  1. The cricket council that was [A] / were [B] elected last March is [A] / are [B] at sixes and sevens over new rules.

The critics censored [a] / censured [B] the new movie because of its social inaccessibility.

Amit’s explanation for missing the meeting was credulous [A] / credible [B]

She coughed discreetly [A] / discretely [B] to announce her presence.







Option: 4


The correct usage of the sentences has both a grammatical component and a word usage component as well. The cricket council will take singular so we will choose was and continue the same with the helping verb is. The critics will censure as it means criticize and not censor which means cut or delete. Amit’s explanation was credible which means believable or plausible and not credulous which means gullible. She coughed discreetly which means doing something in a careful or circumspect manner and not discrete which means individually distinct and separate. Answer is AABBA.


  1. The further [A] / farther [B] he pushed himself, the more disillusioned he grew.

For the crowds it was more of a historical [A] / historic [B] event; for their leader, it was just another day.

The old man has a healthy distrust [A] / mistrust [B] for all new technology.

This film is based on a real [A] / true [B] story.

One suspects that the compliment [A] / complement [B] was backhanded







Option: 5


The further meaning extent or degree and not farther meaning distance he pushed himself….For the crowds it was more of a historic (important, significant) event and not historical (documented, ancient). The old man has a healthy distrust (regard with suspicion) for all new technology and not mistrust (lack of trust, mistrust also takes a ‘of’ and not for). The film is based on a true (in accordance to fact or reality) and not real (actual, existent). One suspects that the compliment (flattering remark, praise) and not complement (accessory, supplement) was backhanded. Answer is ABABA.


  1. Regrettably [A] / Regretfully [B] I have to decline your invitation.

I am drawn to the poetic, sensual [A] / sensuous [B] quality of her paintings.

He was besides [A] / beside [B] himself with rage when I told him what I had done.

After brushing against a stationary [A] / stationery [B] truck my car turned turtle.

As the water began to rise over [A] / above [B] the danger mark, the signs of an imminent flood were clear.







Option: 2


Regretfully (in a regretful manner) I have to decline your invitation and not regrettably (giving rise to regret, undesirable). Iam drawn to the poetic, sensuous (aesthetic, lush) quality of her paintings and not sensual (physical, passionate). He was beside himself (beside oneself means overcome with) with rage and not besides (in addition to, apart). After brushing against a stationary (not moving) truck.. and not stationery(writing wares). As the water began to rise above (extending upwards towards) the danger mark.. and not over(extending directly upwards from). Answer is BBBAB.



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