English Quiz – New Pattern Fillers – 45


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of New Pattern Fillers for upcoming SBI Clerk, NABARD Grade A & Dena Bank exams 2018.


The following questions consist of three single sentence with one blank only. You are given four words as answer choices you have to pick up correct option, which will make the sentences meaningfully complete.

  1. (a)The cyclist pedalled _______ to get through the intersection before the light changed.

(b) Abdullah spent the evening _______ typing at the computer in an effort to finish his essay in time.

(c) Katie sawed _______ at the root, until her arm ached.


(1) Fast

(2) Only

(3) Furiously

(4) Continuously


Option: C



  1. (a)The police are filing _________ charges against the woman who hid her husband’s bloody clothing.

(b)Your lying is a/an __________ of justice that could allow a killer to flee the country.

(c)In addition to causing Gary great pain, the bowel _________ is also preventing him from releasing waste.


(1)  Obstruction

(2)  Wrong

(3)  Blockage

(4)  Hindrance



Option: A



  1. (a)The sequel was the end of the nepotism and the ______ prosecution of reform within the Church.

(b)She had ______ determination to finish the project.

(c)Their ______ use of water caused a flood in their lawn.

(1) Continuous

(2) Relentless

(3) Steady

(4) Unyielding



Option: B



  1. (a) He knew that Russia would never voluntarily _______ the grand duchy, while Sweden could not hope to retain it permanently, even if she reconquered it.

(b)He then requested Charles Albert to take the papal troops under his command, and also wrote to the emperor of Austria asking him voluntarily to _______ Lombardy and Venetia.

(c)Pope Alexander also extorted from the king a pledge that he would _______ any customs prejudicial to the rights of the Church which had been introduced since his accession.

(1) Accept

(2) Relinquish

(3) Deny

(4) Release


Option: B


  1. (a) Weller ignored Dean and his ________ as he flopped down on the sofa.

(b) The patricians of Venice and the lecturers of Padua made Averroism synonymous with doubt and criticism in theology, and with _______ against the hierarchy.

(c) Tongue-in-cheek jokes are tricky to understand in a different language, so it was hard for Jo to sense people’s _______ when she was living in Spain.

(1) Maturity

(2) Possession

(3) Target

(4) Sarcasm



Option: D



  1. (a) Was this a possible way to ______ our operation that otherwise was doomed to wreckage?

(b) A beautiful chest full of valuable items was found during the ______ operation of the old ship.

(c) Do you think it is too late to ______ what is left of the friendship?

(1) Salvage

(2) Operate

(3) Ensure

(4) Aim



Option: A



  1. (a)”Now, Nicholas,” she added, turning to her husband, “I can’t understand how it is you don’t see the charm of these ______ marvels.”

(b) Cynthia served a pot roast, simple but ______, reminding Dean of Sundays in years gone by.

(c) This is a ______ evening, when the whole body is one sense, and imbibes delight through every pore.

(1) Outstanding

(2) Light

(3) Delicious

(4) Dark



Option: C



  1. (a) He was overwhelmed, but he wasn’t ready to ______ – not to her, anyway.

(b) They could not _____ the service on pain of death.

(c) The gild merchant did not give birth to craft fraternities or have anything to do with their origin; nor did it ______ its authority to them.

(1) Commit

(2) Entrust

(3) Show

(4) Delegate


Option: D


  1. (a) His ______ was warm and exciting.

(b) For a few moments she resisted the temptation to surrender, but his _______ was electrifying and she found herself passionately returning his affection.

(c) Death, thou’rt a guest long look’d for; I ______ Thee and thy wounds: 0, my last minute comes!

(1) Face

(2) Embrace

(3) Appearance

(4) Encircle


Option: B


  1. (a) He was not only without political or military capacity, but was so _______ that he could not keep a secret.

(b) _______ after a fashion as Montaigne is, he gives us no clear idea of any original or definite impulse leading him to write the famous Essays.

(c) Distinguished humanists might sneer at him as “a _______ sophist”; but from this time his ambition was not only to be the greatest scientific authority in Germany but also the champion of the papacy and of the traditional church order.

(1) Garrulous

(2) Humble

(3) Tiring

(4) Excessive


Option: A



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