English Quiz – New Pattern Error – 25

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz based on various New Pattern Error problems for upcoming Syndicate Bank PGDBF, Canara Bank PGDBF and SBI PO 2018.


Directions for questions 1 to 3: Each questions consists of four sentences. Some sentences are grammatically incorrect or inappropriate. Select the option that indicates these grammatically incorrect and inappropriate sentences.

1. A. Harish told Raj to pled guilty.
B. Raj pleaded guilty of stealing money from the shop.
C. The court found Raj guilty of all the crimes he was charged with.
D. He was sentenced for three years in jail.
(a) A and B
(b) B and D
(c) A, C and D
(d) B, C and D



2. A. Last Sunday, Archana had nothing to do.
B. After waking up, she lay on the bed thinking of what to do.
C. At 11 o’clock she took shower and got ready.
D. She spent most of the day shopping.
(a) B and C
(b) C
(c) A and B
(d) B, C and D



3. A. It was a tough situation and Manasi was taking pains to make it better.
B. Slowly her efforts gave fruit and things started improving.
C. Every one complemented her for her good work.
D. She was very happy and thanked everyone for their help.
(a) A

(b) D

(c) B and C

(d) A and C



Directions for Questions 4 to 7: Each question consists of four sentences. Some sentences are grammatically incorrect or inappropriate. Select the option that indicates grammatically correct and appropriate sentence(s) only.

4. A. The balance of power will shift to the East as China and India evolve.
B. Rarely the economic ascent of two still relatively poor nations has been watched with such a mixture of awe, opportunism, and trepidation.
C. Postwar era witnessed economic miracles in Japan and South Korea, but neither was populous enough to power worldwide growth or change the game in a complete spectrum of industries.
D. China and India, by contrast, possess the weight and dynamism to transform the 21st-century global economy.
(a) A,B &C
(b) A&D
(c) C
(d) C&D



5. A. People have good reason to care about the welfare of animals.
B. Ever since Enlightenment, their treatment has been seen as a measure of mankind’s humanity.
C. It is no coincidence that William Wilberforce and Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton, two leaders of the movement to abolish the slave trade, helped found the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1820s.
D. An increasing number of people go further: mankind has a duty not to cause pain to animals that have the capacity to suffer.
(a) A & D
(b) A&C
(c) C&D
(d) B



6. A. When virtuoso teams begin their work, individuals are in and group consensus is out. (2005)
B. As project progresses, however, the individual stars harness themselves to the product of the group.
C. Sooner or later, the members break through their own egocentrism and become a plurality with single-minded focus on the goal.
D. In short, they morph into a powerful team with a shared identity.
(a) A& C
(b) A & D
(c) B &D
(d) A,C & D


7. A. Large reductions in the ozone layer, which sits about 15-30 km above the Earth, take place each winter over the polar regions, especially the Antarctic, as low temperatures allow the formation of stratospheric clouds that assist chemical reactions breaking down ozone. (2005)
B. Industrial chemicals containing chlorine and bromine have-been blamed for thinning the layer because they attack the ozone molecules, making them to break apart.
C. Many an offending chemicals have now been banned.
D. It will still take several decades before these substances have disappeared from the atmosphere.
(a) D
(b) B&D
(c) A&D
(d) A&C



Directions for Questions 8 to 10: In each question, there are five sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s)that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage. Then, choose the most appropriate option.

8. A. When I returned to home, I began to read.
B. everything I could get my hand on about Israel.
C. That same year Israel’sJewish Agency sent.
D. a shaliach a sort of recruiter to Minneapolis.
E I became one of his most active devotees.
(a) C & E
(b) C only
(c) E only
(d) B, C & E
(e) C, D & E



9. A. So once an economy is actually in recession,
B. the authorities can, in principle, move the economy.
C. out of slump – assuming hypothetically.
D. that they know how to – by a temporary stimuli.
E. In the longer term, however, such policies have no affect on the overall behaviour of the economy,
(a) A, B &E
(b) B,C &E
(c) C & D
(d) E only
(e) B only




10. A. It is sometimes told that democratic.
B. government originated in the city-states.
C. of ancient Greece. Democratic ideals have been handed to us from that time.
D. In truth, however, this is an unhelpful assertion.
E. The Greeks gave us the word, hence did not provide us with a model.
(a) A, B & D
(b) B,C&D
(c) B &D
(d) B only
(e) D only





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