English Quiz – New Pattern Cloze & Sentence Filler – 18

Hello and welcome exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for Mains exams with  new pattern cloze test and sentence fillers problems.


In the passage below some words are underlined with numbers. You have to find if there is any error and replace it with most appropriate word from the options given for each gap. If there is no error, option “E” is applicable.

     When (1) the centre of world economic power is shifting to Asia and India being the epicenter of the growth in this region along with China, its energy needs are        most (2) increasing and cannot be satisfied on its own. In such a scenario rich sources of energy in Arab countries cannot be overlooked. A strong economic relationship with these countries would     result (3) no scarcity of oil based energy in way of Indian progress march. As the cult of India in last decade or so has increased in World, Arab countries on the other hand developed a respectful      pole (4)  for India , overlooking Indian relationship with Pakistan or other contentious issues like political affinity of India with Israel, they are keen to          face (5) relationship on economic ties like never before in history.

1. (a) While
(b) Now
(c) So
(d) As
(e) No improvement required


Option: D


Sentence is about a cause and effect relationship. As first is happening …..Second will happen. “As centre of world economic power…….its energy needs are increasing”

2. (a) Never
(b) So much
(c) Ever
(d) Wherever
(e) No improvement required


Option: C


Ever fits the blank space perfectly as it shows continuity in the sentence.

3. (a) Danger
(b) Guarantee
(c) Ensure
(d) Surety
(e) No improvement required


Option: C

Explanation: Guarantee is too certain to be linked with an intended relation of countries. ‘Ensure’ is a smooth word for the sentence.

4. (a) Stool
(b) Stand
(c) Chair
(d) Bench
(e) No improvement required


Option: B

Explanation: Taking a stand means to take a view or to have strong opinion about something.

5. (a) Weaken
(b) Strengthen
(c) Veteran
(d) Base
(e) No improvement required


Option: B

Explanation: Strengthen is positive word for improving the relationships. Part of passage demands a positive word.

In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

6. In the course of a business day workers make many decisions. How are those decisions made? Sometimes companies hold meetings, other times individuals make decisions very quickly……………. Critical thinkers strive to develop essential traits or characteristics of mind. These are interrelated intellectual habits that enable one to open, discipline, and improve mental functioning. There are nine specific traits defining critical thinkers: intellectual integrity, intellectual humility, and intellectual sense of justice, intellectual perseverance, intellectual fair-mindedness, and intellectual confidence in reason, intellectual courage, intellectual empathy, and intellectual autonomy.

(a) Critical Thinking is the answer to question of decision making and applying intellectual for it

(b) What is the role of critical thinking in decision making?

(c) By enhancing critical thinking skills, there is less reliance on “off the cuff” or “gut feeling” decision-making

(d) Intelligence is about thinking not about intuition of managers.

(e) Therefore, a critical analysis is desired to see the inputs of critical thinking and decision making.


Option: C

Explanation: Option carries the sense of the passage. Decision making is different to these intuitive methods.

7. If the world’s money disappeared, everybody might feel confused. The whole financial system around the world couldn’t exist anymore. There would be no banks. Many people would find they were unemployed. You wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you took enough money or your credit card with you when you went shopping. You wouldn’t worry that someone would steal your wallet on the street because there would be no money in your wallet. People could not buy any merchandise in the supermarkets. Most of the rich people would feel very sad because they would no longer be rich, and poor people would say, “That’s great…………………………”

(a) I would no longer feel upset about the little money in my pocket!

(b) Rich are no longer rich and they are like us.

(c) I can buy whatever I like to buy; I can live wherever I want to live.

(d) To know what will rich do of their safes.

(e) No banks would be required now


Option: A

Explanation: Personal statement concerning with self not with rich or their safes is needed for the blank. A poor person commenting on utility of banks seems illogical. Option (c) is against the passage.

8. Though 2050 is far away. India’s trend growth is expected to overtake China’s trend growth at some point during the coming decade due to India having a significantly younger and faster growing working age population than China and due to it having more potential for growth as it is starting from a lower level of economic development than China and so has more catch-up potential………………. Looking ahead, particular priorities will be maintaining a prudent fiscal policy stance, further extending its openness to foreign trade and investment, significantly increased investment in transport and energy infrastructure, and improved educational standards, particularly for women and those in rural areas of India.

(a) However, India will only fully realize this great potential if it continues to pursue the growth-friendly economic policies of the last two decades

(b) However, China can still go ahead of India riding on its growth -friendly policies

(c) Instability of governments in India would play the role of scene spoiler for it.

(d) What can be said about the pulling factors which would pull it back on its growth trajectory?

(e) Both China and India have to look for the intimidation from the United States which would follow both of these in 2050


Option: A

Explanation: Before blank space there is reference to potential of India and option (a) extends the potential story of India. Additionally it talks about desired policies which are the topic of discussion in next few sentences. Other options look like sudden intrusion.

9. …………………… The term is not new to the banking sector. Since the early 80s, banks have been using this terminology to refer to the process of generating various reports and analyses at the Corporate/Head offices for their decision making for own use as well as for conveyance to authorities in charge of regulations MIS -in the present context of high availability of voluminous data on electronic media at diverse locations and on diverse platforms, has become more pertinent to banks’ decision-making process, thanks to the availability of new tools of technology such as data warehousing, data mining .Management Information System would thus be the end product of both the processes – data warehousing and data mining.

(a) Role of Management Information system was different but the meaning remained so.

(b) Management Information System is a relatively new concept for banks.

(c) Banks, now, work on more and more information and hence require a system like Management information System.

(d) Banks did not the meaning of MIS -Management Information System till now.

(e) What is the role of managing Information in a warehouse or mining or even a bank?


Option: C

Explanation: Sentence after the blank space indicates that the sentence preceding it should be about some term or definition. So option (e), (d) and (a) can be rejected. Option is almost what we are looking for the blank space as it introduces the term MIS and also explains why it is needed, need is the matter of rest of the passage. As per passage concept is not new. So option (b) is rejected also.

10. In the planned economy of India, foreign capital has been assigned a significant role, although importance has been changing over time. In the earlier phase of planning, foreign capital was looked upon as a means to supplement domestic investment. Many concession and incentives were given to foreign investors. Latter on, however, the emphasis shifted to encouraging technological collaboration between India entrepreneurs and foreign entrepreneurs. In more recent times, efforts are on to invite free flow of foreign capital. …………..

(a) Foreign Policy of the Government is conducive to it.

(b) Let us see what fruits these efforts would bring after 20 years or something.

(c) Importance of foreign capital will keep changing.

(d) It would be instructive in this background to examine the Government’s policy towards foreign capital.

(e) Capital infusion is the need of hour not about the foreign investments.


Option: B

Explanation: Efforts and concern for the future both go in sync hence this statement is acceptable as the finishing sentence. Other options are too certain or irrelevant totally.


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