English Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Bank Exams – Set 34 | Error Correction

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Language Quiz for the upcoming IBPS Exams 2017.

1. As the flight descends (a) / upon Tel Aviv, (b) / the blue coastline parallel to the (c) / small city has been striking (d). No error. (e)

2. For investment bankers, (a) / it is an inescapable indicator (b)/ of action when companies from (c)/ two countries wants to collaborate (d). No error (e)

3. The mutual interest is reflected (a)/ in several connected flights, (b) some even flying to other European cities, (c)/ before alighting in Tel Aviv (d). No error. (e)

4. iCreate will host a grand challenge (a)/ for startups in agri-tech (b)/ and water-tech under the (c)/ Israel India Innovation Bridge (d). No error. (e)

5. When Nitish Kumar said that Bihar mandate (a)/ was set to serve the state (b) and not to serve a family,(c) / the nepotism debate rekindled (d). No error (e)


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6. Fixed Deposits in banks and (a) / administered savings schemes such as the (b)/ PPF is losing their sheen, making the case (c)/ for people to switch to other saving options. (d) No error (e)

7. A task force on the FRA has (a) /recommended empower the agency to provide redress (b)/, giving the regulators cannot be expected (c)/ to resolve individual complaints (d). No error. (e)

8. Dynasties and nepotism, (a)/ matter a lot in a profession (b)/ where the outcome is decided (c)/ by a large mass of people (d). No error (e)

9. Filling the tax (a) /has become an art (b)/in itself since (c)/ the inception of GST (d). No error. (e)

10.  Spending most of the waking hours (a)/ in the virtual world is a recipe (b)/ for mental disequilibrium for the youngsters (c)/ according to psychologists (d). No error (e)

1. D (replace has been with is)
2. D (replace want with wants)
3. D (alighting at)
4. E (No error)
5. D (was rekindled)
6. C (replace is with are)
7. B (empowering in place of empower)
8. B (matters in place of matter)
9. A (remove the)
10.  E (No error)


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Team ExamPundit