English Quiz for Upcoming IBPS Bank Exams – Set 47 | New Pattern

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Language Quiz for the upcoming IBPS Exams 2017.
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1-5) : In each question below, two sentences or
parts of sentences are given with two blank spaces ( ____ ) ( _____ ) between
them. From among the three parts / sentences denoted by (A), (B) and (C) given
below each, find out which two can fill up the blanks in proper sequence (i.e.
the order in which these are given in the answer options) to make the sentence/
group of sentences meaningfully complete.
1. Four years ago, I had a major
surgery. (____) . (____) . I was too ill.
(A) It left me disabled.
(B) My attempts to go back to
work could not succeed.
(C) I had fully recovered except
for some minor weakness.
(a) (B) and (A) only
(b) (C) and (A) only
(c) (B) and (C) only
(d) (A) and (B) only
(e) (A) and (C) only
2. Based on scientific research,
scientists conclude that (___) (____), they will live even more than a hundred
(A) keep themselves active all
(B) exercise more, ensure proper
vitamin intake,
(C) human species, if regulate
their diet,
(a) Only (A) and (B)
(b) Only (A) and (C)
(c) Only (C) and (A)
(d) Only (C) and (B)
(e) Either C and (A) or (C) and
3. The Central Government’s plans
to (_____) (_____) despite the fact that the opposition parties’ united front had
mobilized support of general public at the outskirts of Mumbai.
(A) defy the curfew imposed to
prevent the proposed rally from protesting against the hike in petrol prices
(B) curb the rally called for by
the opposition succeeded due to ruling party’s announcement to
(C) cancel all the trains
entering Mumbai,
(a) (A) and (B) only (b) (B) and
(A) only
(c) (B) and (C) only (d) (A) and
(C) only
(e) Either (B) and (C) or (A) and
4. The economic gloom was exacerbated
yesterday by Greek Prime Minister’s surprise announcement (_____)(____), and
vote might put the torturously conceived package in jeopardy.
(A) that was struck last week
(B) that he would recommend the
Parliament to strike down the obnoxious deal
(C) that his country would hold a
referendum on the European debt deal
(a) (C) and (A) only
(b) (B) and (A) only
(c) (A) and (C) only
(d) Either (C) and (A) or (B) and
(e) None of these
5. The world’s most powerful
nations were warned (____) (___) and trigger mass social unrest.
(A) that could cost millions of
jobs around the globe
(B) that international economy
was on the brink of a deep new economic crisis
(C) that the only solution was
pumping a huge amount of money In the economy
(a) (C) and (A) only
(b) (B) and (A) only
(c) (B) and (C) only
(d) (C) and (B) only
(e) None of these

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 6-10): Read each sentence given below and find out
whether there is an error in it. The error if any will be one of the sentence
which are marked as A, B, C and D. If there is no error, the answer will be (E)
i.e. No error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any)
6. The low learnings levels is
due to the fact (a)/ that the state spends 87% of its budget (b)/ on salaries
of its teachers (c)/ and not on infrastructure development for students (e)/ No
error (e).
7. Recent incidents of tigers
straying have brought to focus (a)/ the lack of proper regulatory mechanism and
powers with the forest department (b)/ to take action against the resorts (c)/
mushroom in forest fringes (d)/ No error (e).
8. The beauty of the palace comes
alive (a)/ When over a lakh bulbs (b)/ is switched on between 7pm and 7.45pm
(c)/ on specific days (d)/ No error (e)
9. In view of the rising
complaints (a)/ of unscrupulous financial institutes duping people with luring
them (b)/ with handsome returns on their investment, the police have appealed
(c)/ to the citizens to stay away from such companies (d)/ No error (e)

10. More and more cab drivers are
approaching the regional transport office (RTO) (a)/ to obtain identity cards
(b)/ after the transport office intensified action against errant drivers (c)/
in the last couple of months (d)/ No error (e).

1. (d)
2. (e)
3. (c)
4. (a)
5. (b)
6. (e)
7. (d) ‘Mushrooming’ should be used-which would serve as an adjective.
8. (c) ‘Are’ should replace ‘is’- verb should agree with ‘bulbs’
9. (b) ‘By’ should replace ‘with’ – which means ‘by the way of’
10. (e)


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