English Quiz for SBI PO 2015-16 – Set 2

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Read the following passage and answer. This is a set of mixed Vocabulary test and Cloze test.

Directions: (1-5) In the following passage,
some of the words have been left out, each of which is
indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the
options given against each number and fill up the blanks
with appropriate words to make the paragraph
meaningfully complete.

The Supreme Court’s stern rebuke (1) Odisha
government over its conduct in the case on circulation of a rape video on
social media and (2) it to put its
house in order is not only a sad reflection of the latter’s irreverence to judicial and
constitutional authorities but (3)
its callous attitude towards crime against women. Annoyed by the government’s
approach, the apex court had (4) to the extent of imposing fine and directing
personal appearance of the state chief secretary. While the chief secretary
resorted to usual (5) of not
receiving notices on time, the perfunctoriness
surrounding the sensitive issue is of grave concern. That this is the second
case which the SC has taken up in the last three months, after it directed a
CBI probe into the murder of Raygada school teacher Itishree Pradhan in 2013,
is evidence enough of the government’s insincerity
to women’s safety.
1. (a) to (b) with (c) of (d) along (e) onto
2. (a) giving (b) putting (c) questioning (d) asking (e)
3. (a) according to (b) also (c) within (d) into (e) neither
4. (a) went (b) been (c) gone (d) reach (e) it
5. (a) cause (b) effects (c) reports (d) genesis (e) excuse
In the above passage, some of the words are in BOLD to help you locate them while
answering the following questions.

Directions: (6-8) Choose
the word which is most similar in meaning to the following words:

6. Rebuke
(a) reprimand
 (b) expound
(c) revile
(d) sovereignty
(e) strike
7. Irreverence
(a) veneration
(b) disrespect
(c) transgress
(d) mutinous
(e) unbiddable
8. Apex
(a) exemplary
(b) repudiate
(c) portend
(d) essential
(e) foremost
Directions: (9-10) Choose
the word which is most opposite in meaning to the following words:
9. Perfunctoriness
(a) cursory
(b) comprehensive
(c) creative
(d) remiss
(e) negligent
10. Insincerity
(a) feigned
(b) dignity
(c) earnest
(d) ferocity
(e) agility


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