English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2016 – Set 9


Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of English Quiz for the upcoming SBI Clerk(Junior Associates) Mains 2016.

Read the followings carefully and answer

Post answers according to the following format(s)
In case the options are ABCD, use the Appropriate Options.
Do Not Rectify anyone.
If you have any doubt regarding any question of the quiz, kindly ask after the quiz is over i.e answers given.
Do Not CHAT here. If you have any query, use today’s Ask The Mentor Page.
At least 7 Attempts for Scores.

Exampundit.in reserves the right to choose winner or give scores.

Directions (Q. 1-10) In the following passage there are
blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the
passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fills the
blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Traditional bank architecture is based on bank branches.
These branches ensure the physical _____(1) of a customer’s savings. A customer
may go there to deposit and withdraw money, _____(2) loans and _____(3) in
other financial transactions. In the past two decades banking architecture has
changed – the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has been a big _____(4) and credit
and debit cards have created new financial spaces. _____(5) the bank branch has
remained the bedrock of banking system – after all a person needs a bank
account in a branch before he can operate a debit or ATM card. This may be
about to change as technocrats now _____(6) cell phones as the new architecture
of virtual banks. This has the potential to make branches _____(7). Cell phone
banking looks especially relevant for India since it can penetrate the
countryside cheaply and _____(8). The World over cell phones are spreading at a
_____(9) rate and in India alone new cell phone connections are growing at the
rate of six million a month a rate of customer _____(10) that no bank can dream
1. 1) confidentiality 2) guarantee 3) knowledge 4) security 5)
2. 1) disburse 2) sanction 3) negotiate 4) advance 5) credit
3. 1) enable 2) engage 3) pursue 4) interact 5) operate
4. 1) luxury 2) innovation 3) drawback 4) hurdle 5)
5. 1) Yet 2) Until 3) Despite 4) Although 5) Even
6. 1) engineer 2) assess 3) view 4) realize 5) display
7. 1) retreat 2) expired 3) essential 4) obsolete 5) extant
8. 1) indiscriminately 2) effectively 3) moderately 4)
occasionally 5) compulsorily
9. 1) competitive 2) projected 3) phenomenal 4) gradual 5)

10. 1) satisfaction 2) relationship 3) discount 4) base 5)

And the winners are(**Drumrolls**)……..

  1. Mr. P – 8/10
  2. Kajal Singh – 8/10
  3. Paras Jain – 7/10


Team ExamPundit

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