English Quiz for LIC AAO 2016 – Set 7

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1 to 4)
: In each of the following questions, a part / two of a sentence has been left
blank. You are to select from among the four options given below each question,
the one which would best fill the blanks. In case of more than one blanks, the
first word in the pair, given in the choices, should fill the first gap.
1. Football evokes a ___________ response in India compared to  the cricket, almost ___________ the nation.
(a) tepid, boiling
(b) lukewarm, electrifies
(c) turbid, fascinating
(d) apocryphal, genuinely fascinates
(e) boiling, apocryphal

Solutions –  The response to football is lukewarm, while to cricket is
electrifying. Luke warm means mild or mellow.

2. Though one eye is kept firmly on the___________, the company
now also promotes ___________ contemporary art.
(a) present, experimental
(b) future, popular
(c) present, popular
(d) market, popular
(e) market, experimental

Solutions – Since the company in the present promotes popular
contemporary (of the present time) art it also keeps an eye on the future. 
3. A growing number of these expert professionals ______ having
to train foreigners as the students end up ______ the teachers who have to then
unhappily contend with no jobs at all or new jobs with drastically reduced pay
(a) are, supplanting
(b) welcome, assisting
(c) resist, challenging
(d) resent, replacing
(e) are, assisting

Solutions –  Expert professionals are having to train, and students
supplant (replace) teachers.

4. Physicians may soon have ______ to help paralyzed people move
their limbs by bypassing the ______ nerves that once controlled their muscles
(a) instruments, detrimental
(b) ways, damaged
(c) reason, involuntary
(d) impediments, complex
(e) experiments, crippled

Solutions –  Soon there will be ways to help paralysed people, by
bypassing the damaged nerves.

In each of the following questions a part of a paragraph or sentence has been underlined.
From the choices given, you are required to choose the one which would best
replace the underlined part.
5. Victory is everything in the Indian universe and
Tendulkar will be expected to translate his genius to that effect. To
contemplate any other option is to contemplate the risk of failure
(a) To contemplate any other action is to contemplate the risk
of failure
(b) Failure is not an action that can be contemplated
(c) Any other action has the potential of failure.
(d) Failure is not an option
(e) None of these

Solutions –  Contemplating the risk of failure is not an option in the
context of the given sentence. Thus (d) is the correct option.
6. Contemplating whether to exist with an insatiable
romantic temperament, he was the author and largely the subject of number of
memorable novels.
(a) Contemplating whether to exist
(b) Combining realistic detail
(c) Miscegenating a brilliant mind
(d) Aware that he had been born
(e) None of these

Solutions – (b) is the answer as realistic details combined with
romantic temperament can makeup a good novel.

7. British Airspace has been focusing on building
European links
(a) concentrating on creating European links.
(b) pursuing ways of building Europeans connectivity.
(c) stressing on building European links.
(d) focusing on forging European links.
(e) None of these

Solutions –  (d) is the best option as links have been forged between
Europe and British Air space.

8. It was us who had left before he arrived
(a) we who had before time he had arrived
(b) us who had went before he arrived
(c) us who had went before had arrived
(d) we who had left before he arrived
(e) None of these

Solutions –  Grammatically (d) is the only one which is correct. As “us”
to be replaced with “we”.

10) : Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6 to form a
logical sequence of the six sentences.

9. 1. Currency
movements can have a dramatic impact on equity returns for foreign investors
A. This is not surprising as many developing economies try
to peg their exchange rates to the US dollar or to a basket of currencies.
B. Many developing economies manage to keep exchange rate
volatility lower than that in the industrial economies.
C. India has also gone in for the full float on the current account
and abolished the managed exchange rate.
D. Dramatic exceptions are Argentina, Brazil, and Nigeria.
6. Another emerging-market-specific risk is liquidity risk.
(a) ADBC
(b) CDAB
(c) BDAC
(d) CABD
(e) CBAD

Solutions – The first is a general sentence, then followed by a specific
one, i.e. on India in C then followed by DAB taken in context. First giving an exception and then
reaching a general conclusion. 
10. 1. For many
scientists, oceans are the cradle of life
A. But all over the world, chemical products and nuclear waste
continue to be dumped into them.
B. Coral reefs, which are known as the most beautiful places
of the submarine world, are fast disappearing.
C. The result is that many species of fish die because of this
D. Of course Man is the main cause of these problems
6. Man has long since ruined the places he goes to
continents and oceans alike.
(a) ACBD
(b) BACD
(c) ABDC
(d) BCAD
(e) BDAC

Solutions – ACBD is the most logical sequence as A explains the problems
that are occurring to the cradle of the life given in sentence number 1. C is directly linked to A
because it is the effect of the activity mentioned in A. B is also an effect whereas D is the cause of these
effects and is linked to sentence number 6. 
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