English Quiz for IBPS PO Prelims – Set 3

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Cloze Test for IBPS PO Prelims 2015.

Directions (Q-1-10):
In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered.
out the appropriate word/phrase
in each case.

When we talk about wages in India then most workers earn Rs. 50-100 a
day, ______(1) below the minimum wage and that ______(2) after a hard day ______(3)
under the harsh sun. Workers suffer from the ailments ususally associated with
poverty and health problems. Moreover, several occupational hazards have been ______(4)
in these workers, the most common ______(5) skin ulcers caused by constant
exposure of their body. Exposure to bright, reflected light and dust leads to ______(6)
loss of vision and growths in the cornea a of the eyes. Sometimes workers are
also at higher risk for hypertension, ______(7) because of the impurity in
their blood. It’s also found that all the workers also have body pain in the
back and shoulder region, which they attributed to ______(8) raw material all
day. Infact many young women, children and other adults are not able to eat ______(9)
meal because of the lack of ______(10) shelter around the pans. Therefore
Indian government need to give their pay attention towards the workers to
improve their livelihood.

1. (a) Writ (b) apparent (c) drove (d) far (e) away
2. (a) to (b) is (c) too (d) continue (e) makes
3. (a) suffering (b) crusader (c) dampen (d) trajected (e)
4. (a) documented (b) malafide (c) asserting (d)
misconstrued (e) vitiated
5. (a) efficacy (b) being (c) agilent (d) duo (e) amputate
6. (a) acquitted (b) harbour (c) premature (d) clamour (e)
7. (a) availing (b) strangulating (c) dumping (d) injecting (e)
8. (a) brazenly (b) repealed (c) maligned (d) hauling (e)
9. (a) a (b) these (c) their (d) that (e) the
10. (a) opioid (b) stigma (c) any (d) reinstate (e)


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