English Quiz for IBPS Clerk & RBI Assistant Mains 2017 – 6 – Errors Spotting (New)

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for IBPS Clerk & RBI Assistant Mains 2017. This is a set based on choosing incorrect sentences.

In each of the following questions, one or more of the
sentences is/are incorrect. You have to identify the incorrect sentence/s:
1. (A) A print design project communicates a message.
(B) Contrast is a good way to create a noticeable design and
(C) Contrast can be size, color, direction, format or the expected
versus the unexpected.
(D) Size contrast can involve graphics or type.
(a) B
(b) B and C
(c) C
(d) A, Band C
(e) A and C
2. (A) I remember seeing a full page-advertisement with a
bright background colour.
(B) The only other item on the page was a very small line of
type in a lighter shade of the same colour.
(C) Since I can still recall the ad, it must made an impression.
(D) Using colour to impact your design works best when it
involves the unexpected or extreme.
(a) B
(b) C
(c) D
(d) No error
(e) A
3. (A) Moving one by one step away from the expected with
graphics and photography can also create reader interest.
(B) Try using a conceptual image or photo to highlight your
main message versus very first thing to come to mind when thinking about your product
or service.
(C) Another form of contrast is in the actual design.
(D) An unusual fold in a brochure or direct mail piece can
add excitement.
(a) A and B
(b) B only
(c) A only
(d) No error
(e) B and D
4. (A) The typeface that you choose for your print project
is an important piece of the foremost overall design process.
(B) First, narrow down your choice by selecting the tone you
want to present.
(C) Typefaces can convey personality.
(D) For instance, if you are in the banking industry you
might choose a classic serif font such as Garamond, to convey dependability.
(a) A only
(b) B only
(c) C only
(d) no error
(e) D only
5. (A) Readability is crucial.
(B) Be sure the font we choose is legible and logical.
(C) With all of the newest and interesting typefaces available
today, it is tempting to pick one that you think looks “ cool” .
(D) This can work if you are going for an edgy look that
will appeal to a young audience, but your copy still needs to be easily
(a) A and D
(b) B only
(c) C only
(d) B and C
(e) A only
6. (A) Words setting and word spacing are another consideration
to achieve for your design.
(B) The optimal setting for your body text is flush left, rag
(C) This setting allows comfortable readability.
(D) The flush left makes it easier for the reader to find the
next line.
(a) B only
(b) C only
(c) B and C
(d) no error
(e) A only
7. (A) Justified text works best for lengthy materials such
as books or magazine articles.
(B) Centered text will create right and left ragged edges.
(C) This can create a dignified look if treated carefully.
(D) Vary the lines to give the ragged edges an interesting
look and try increasing the space between the lines to add readability.
(a) A only
(b) A and D
(c) B and D
(d) C and D
(e) None of the above
8. (A) The brain is a strange organ.
(B) It works in ways we don’t understand and manage to
create everything we see.
(C) Working at odds with the rest of the body it performs best
when we are not consciously trying.
(D) Creativity will be at the life-blood of every facet of
(a) B and D
(b) B only
(c) D only
(d) A and B
(e) A only
9. (A) One easy answer is water colour painting.
(B) The gentle movement of a brush has a relaxing, de-stressing
effect which has also been noted in activities such as calligraphy.
(C) Whilst the mix of colours and there application energises
parts of the brain which would normally get scanned stimulation.
(D) Couple this to mix this a visual/tactile experience as
your painting emerges and presto!
(a) B, C and D
(b) C and D
(c) B and D
(d) B and C
(e) A, B and C
10. (A) Painting a water colour is a life-affirming thing.
(B) You have an image of the world in your head.
(C) You start getting it down on your art paper and before
you know it you have captured a piece of the world around you and it’s been
through your own efforts.
(D) What could be more satisfying than that?
(a) B only
(b) B and D
(c) A and C
(d) no error
(e) A and B

1. (b)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (a)
5. (d)
6. (d)
7. (b)
8. (a)
9. (b)
0. (d)


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Team ExamPundit