English Quiz for BOM PO 2016 – Set 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of English Quiz for upcoming Bank of Maharashtra PO PGDBF 2016.

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words/ phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/ phrase in each case and mark your answer.

Ladakh is a tranquil and serene place with beautiful ___ (1) green landscapes. It attracts many tourists from ____ (2) parts of the world. Consequently, Ladakh is something of a test case of what good as well as ____ (3) that can be brought by the travelers. Most of the travelers committed themselves for the protection of self sustaining traditional world that they have discovered here. One of the first Europeans to settle in Leh, Helena Norberg Hodge arrived in 1975. She set up an ecology center and a women’s alliance and a number of other organizations which aim at preserving what ___ (4) unique in Ladakh before it is gone. When Pico Iyer visited a women’s alliance, he found its workers busy in constructing what ___ (5) be the first restaurant here. The purpose of this restaurant is to serve and give life to the real and traditional Ladakhi food. But he was told that it is a difficult task as local ____ (6) cost more than imported ones these days. The constructive and protective ___ (7) of tourists like Norberg-Hodge are always worth remembered. Another positive impact is signs flying from the lampposts of Leh stating, ‘Say No to Polythene’. Use of plastic bags is also prohibited in town. Even in the airport, the tourists ___ (8) with a sign instructing, ‘Mindful Tourism’ and Pamphlets which imply avoid ____ (9) from multinational corporations as they destroy local economies. Discussions are held regularly about developmental activities like tourism in the woman’s alliance. Thus, most of the tourists who visited Ladakh played an ____ (10) role to protect Ladakh’s culture and heritage besides bringing awareness to Ladakh people to improve their economy.
1. 1) fresh 2) luxurious 3) lush 4) pure 5) mixed

2. 1) different 2) busy 3) much 4) some 5) few

3. 1) fast 2) slow 3) bad 4) dire 5) approve

4. 1) are 2) were 3) am 4) is 5) be

5. 1) may 2) mighty 3) should 4) can 5) would

6. 1) ingredients 2) recipe 3) cooks 4) cookies 5) confectioner

7. 1) effects 2) efforts 3) affect 4) affected 5) effect

8. 1) were greeted 2) is greeted 3) was greeting 4) were greet 5) were greeting

9. 1) buy 2) bought 3) being bought 4) buying 5) were buying

10. 1) important 2) chief 3) boss 4) principal 5) appreciate


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