English Quiz for Bank Exams – Double Fillers – 5

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz on Double fillers for upcoming exams.

In each of these questions, a sentence has one or two blanks, each blank indicating the something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are given four words or a set of word. Choose the word or the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.


  1. The _______ successfully repelled every _______ on the city.

(a) defenders-comment

(b) citizens-onslaught

(c) thieves-robbery

(d) judge-criticism

(e) None of these


Option: B

Explanation: You cannot repel (drive away) comments or criticism, only an attack or onslaught can be repelled. So, the pair of most suited words would be citizens – onslaught.


  1. He was _______ very clever, but he _______ performed excellently.

(a) certainly-obviously

(b) never-also

(c) not-always

(d) rarely-seldom

(e) None of these


Option: C

Explanation: Since, there is a but between the two parts of the sentence, the passive words should be antonyms (a) and (d), thus, get eliminated never – also do not fit the sense of the sentence properly thus, not – always are the most suitable fillers for the given sentence.


  1. A _______ analysis of these substances will show that they differ _______ .

(a) random-minutely

(b) detailed-essentially

(c) careful-completely

(d) final-Structurally

(e) None of these


Option: C

Explanation: An analysis must be careful, it may or may not be detailed and final. It certainly should bot be random, thus, (a) is eliminated of the remaining careful is the most appropriate choice for this sentence.


  1. When the _______ polished the stones, they gleamed with a breath-taking brilliance.

(a) graphologist

(b) cosmetologist

(c) lapidary

(d) beagle

(e) None of these


Option: C

Explanation: Graphologist is one who studies handwriting, while a cosmetologist is a person skilled in the art of cosmetics, Beagle is a species of dog and lapidary is a person skilled in polishing of stones.


  1. As _______ head of the organisation, he attended social functions and civil meetings, but had no _______ in the formulation of company policy.

(a) hypothetical-vote

(b) titular-voice

(c) nominal-competition

(d) former-pride

(e) None of these


Option: B

Explanation: The second blank could either be voice so (c) and (d) are eliminated. Hypothetic means something that is assumed and titular means a ruler without real authority. So, titular – voice is the appropriate choice of words.


  1. The perpetual spinning of particles is much like that of a top, with one significant difference, unlike the top, the particles have no need to be wound up, for ____________ is one of their ____________ properties.

(a) revolution-radical

(b) rotation-intrinsic

(c) motion-intangible

(d) acceleration- hypothetical

(e) None of these


Option: B

Explanation: If the particles need no wounding then spanning is their natural property, so the filler for second plant should be synonymous to natural or internal. Radical means drastic, intrinsic is inbuilt or internal, intangible is something that is not available in the physical form, hypothetical is assumed. Thus, intrinsic will be the filler for the second gap.


  1. The ____________ terrorist was finally ____________ by the police.

(a) famous-apprehended

(b) notorious-nabbed

(c) crafty-admonished

(d) renowned, caught

(e) None of these


Option: B

Explanation: Apprehend means to arrest, nabbed means to catch, admonish is scolding mildly, the second gap could be filled by either option (a), (b) or (d) renowned means popular for some talent or skill, thus, too can be eliminated. The choice is between (a) and (b), notorious means popular for wrong reason and is, therefore, a more appropriate choice than famous.


  1. It is foolish to vent your spleen on a/an ____________ object. Still, you make ____________ enemies that way.

(a) immobile-bitter

(b) interesting-curious

(c) humane-more

(d) inanimate-fewer

(e) None of these


Option: D

Explanation: Spleen means anger, so, according to the meaning of the sentence, the object should be inanimate (lifeless)


  1. Compromise is ____________ to passionate natures because it seems to surrender, and to intellectual natures it seems a ____________ .

(a) unsuited-submission

(b) odious-confusion

(c) intimidations-dichotomy

(d) inherent-fabrication

(e) None of these


Option: A

Explanation: (c) and (d) can be eliminated because intimidations is a noun whereas we have to fill an adjective, inherent will give the sentence a positive meaning whereas it is negative towards compromise. (a) and (b) are available options because unselected and odious are both negative words. Compromise and confusion, although, do not fit well, so (a) will be the answer.


  1. The village headman was unlettered, but he was no fool, he could see through the ____________ of the businessman’s proposition and promptly ____________ him down.

(a) deception -forced

(b) naivete-turned

(c) potential-forced

(d) sophistry-turned

(e) None of these


Option: D


A proposal is ‘turned down’ not forced down. So, we have to choose from (b) and (d) naiveté means inexperience and sophistry means clever reasoning done to mislead. sophistry and turned are the appropriate fillers for the sentence.



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