English Quiz – April, 2015 – Set 9

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a Easy level Cloze test.

Nepal, which is one
of the (1) nations, needs international support to deal with the crisis. India
has already promised (2) aid to the neighbouring nation with which it has
cultural and political ties dating back to centuries. Man is yet to develop a (3)
system of earthquake prediction, though he has identified areas that are prone
to such disasters. The area, which has (4) the most, forms part of the seismic
belt. While earthquake prediction is not immediately possible, a lot can be
done to minimise the damage a quake can cause. Japan, which (5) suffers from
earthquake, has developed a very dependable technology that can (6) quakes.
Most deaths occur when the debris of buildings falls on people. So the (7) way
to fight quake is to have buildings that can withstand tremors.

India (8) this the
hard way when earthquake hit Latur in Maharashtra. Later, when Gujarat suffered
a devastating quake, realisation dawned on the government and the people that
buildings (9) were not built using earthquake-resistant technology were the
ones that collapsed like castles (10) of playing cards.

1. (a) critical
(b) poorest (c) simple (d) admired (e) royal
2. (a) philanthropic
(b) justified (c) upstanding (d) convenient (e) humanitarian
3. (a) dependable
(b) strong (c) improved (d) advanced (e) huge
4. (a) suffered
(b) tolerated (c) brooded (d) struggled (e) viewed
5. (a) frequently
(b) always (c) do (d) even (e) sometimes
6. (a) outrun (b)
withstand (c) oppose (d) yield (e) offer
7. (a) proposed  (b)
advanced (c) basic (d) best (e) offered
8. (a) learnt (b)
suffered (c) saw (d) viewed (e) accepted
9. (a) if  (b) which (c) they (d) who (e) for which

10. (a) are  (b)
settled (c) made (d) make (e) stored


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