English Quiz – April, 2015 – Set 10

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Sentence Rearrangements.

Rearrange the
following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence
to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.
(A) The ultimate goals of a bank are to increase its market
share, become more diversified, reduce the risk of entering a new business and
redefine the competitive edge through acquiring different streams of business.
(B) The strategic factors for existing banks competing with
private and international players would be the size, quality of service and
low-cost finance by achieving ‘critical mass’.
(C) Consolidation will provide banks with new capabilities,
technologies and products, help to overcome entry barriers, ensure immediate
entry into new markets and lower operating costs through consolidation of
(D) In the liberalised era, banks in India will have to be
competitive in order to face the challenges and leverage the opportunities.
(E) Consolidation may also take place through strategic
alliance or partnerships covering specific areas of business such as small-to
medium-sized enterprise (SME) lending, credit cards and insurance.
(F) In contrast to the earlier experience of mergers being
initiated by the regulator to protect the interest of depositors of weak banks,
the trend of market-led mergers between private banks and private banks with
public sector banks may gain momentum.
1. Which of the
following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
(a) C
(b) D
(c) E
(d) F
(e) A
2. Which of the
following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
(a) B
(b) C
(c) D
(d) A
(e) E
3. Which of the
following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
(a) C
(b) F
(c) A
(d) B
(e) D
4. Which of the
following should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
(a) F
(b) A
(c) C
(d) E
(e) B
5. Which of the
following should be the SIXTH (LAST) sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) E
(d) C
(e) F
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