Data Flow Diagram Questions for SBI PO Mains 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Data Flow Diagram Questions for SBI PO Mains. This is only for practice purpose and if you encourage then we will give another set.


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1st stage – New login to Eligibility
2nd stage – Eligibility to Personal details
3rd stage – Personal details to validation.

Q.1 what could be the possible step which can be added for not eligible candidates  after the 2nd stage?
a) Transfer them again to 1st stage
b) Transfer them for fee’s server
c) Suggest them other jobs of matching criteria in the dept.
d) Blocked their username
e) none of these

Q.2 Which step can be eliminate for shorten the process without being affected?
i) Eliminate Got registered step and make them registered only after final submission.
ii) Eliminate Basic details and merge it into 3rd stage’s personal details
iii) Eliminate Eligibility and merge it into Basic details.
a) Only i
b) Only iii
c) Both i & iii
d) Both ii & iii
e) All the above

Q.3 What could be the best way to transfer from 1st stage to 3rd stage?
a) Transfer them to fee’s server just after got registered, then transfer to further process
b) Asked for payment before final submission
c) Asked eligibility before basic details
d) Asked for photo after final submission
e) none of these.

Answers & Explanations

  1. C – Explanation – Only option c can be a possible step.
  2. B – Explanation – ‘Option i’ can’t be eliminated, because it provides provisional reg. no. to the user for further use. ‘Option ii’ can’t be eliminated, because it is necessary for provisional registration. ‘option iii’ can be eliminated, because it can be helpful. Who is eligible only those can get provisional reg. no.
  3. C – Explanation – option a is not valid, because anyone can make mistakes during further process, so it can’t be possible after final submission or fee received to change that mistakes. Same as option b. option d is not valid because photo must be fixed before final submission. Only option C can be a valid way to do.

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