Daily Word List – Set 8


Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the Daily Word List Set 8 prepared by our very own Wazza.

1. Aggrandize- Augment,
“An action intended to aggrandize the Frankish dynasty”
2. Despicable- Contemptible,
“A despicable crime”
3. Fervent- Ardent,
Passionate, Friendly or affectionate
“A fervent supporter of the revolution”
4. Mortify- Humiliate,
“She was mortified to see her wrinkles in the mirror”
5. Leeway- Scope,
Range, Freedom, Liberty
“The government had greater leeway to introduce reforms”
6. Insipid- Lacking
spirit or interest, Dull
“Mugs of insipid coffee”
7. Marauder- Outlaw,
Pirate, Looter
“A band of English marauders were surprised and
8. Pinnate- Feathered,
9. Alleviate- To
lessen or reduce, To mitigate
“He couldn’t prevent her pain, only alleviate it”
10. Obstinate- Unyielding,
Adamant, Stubborn
“Her obstinate determination to pursue a career in
11. Rancour- Animosity,
Bitterness, Virulence
“He spoke without rancour”
12. Gourmand- A
person who eats greedily
13. Concord- Harmony,
“A pact of peace and concord”
14. Umbrage- Offence,
Suspicion of injury
“She took umbrage at his remarks”
15. Elucidate- To
make clear, To illustrate 
“Work such as theirs will help to elucidate this matter”


Team ExamPundit


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