Daily Word List – Set 7

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the Daily Word List Set 7 prepared by our very own Wazza.

1. Ambiguous-
Doubtful, Indistinct
Eg. His role has always been ambiguous.
2. Effrontery- Impudence,
Eg. He had the effrontery to accuse me
of lying!
3. Demur- To
object, To disagree
Eg. At first she demurred, but then finally
4. Itinerant- Migrant,
Eg. To lead an itinerant life.
5. Outright- Complete
and total
Eg. She was the outright winner
6. Humdinger- Something
that is very exciting or impressive
Eg. It turned into a real humdinger of the game.
7. Jettison- To
abandon, To reject
Eg. He was jettisoned as a team coach after the
8. Omnipotent- Supreme,
Almighty, All-powerful
Eg. An omnipotent god.
9. Wet Blanket- A
gloomy person preventing the enjoyment of others
Eg. Don’t be a wet blanket.
10. Voluble- Fluent
in speech, Talkative
Eg. Pooja was very voluble on the subject of
women’s rights.
11. Gullible- Easily
deceived or tricked
Eg. The advt. is aimed at gullible young women
worried about their weight.
12. Harry- To
plunder, To ravage, To destroy
Eg. She has been harried by the press all
13. Impugn- Criticize,
To oppose
Eg. There were no real grounds for impugning
the decision.
14. Congenital- Inborn
Eg. He’s a congenital liar.
15. Kindred- Related,
Eg. Food and kindred products.


Team ExamPundit


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